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'Such bullsh*t': Vancouverites react to gas prices smashing record high for second time in days

Gas prices have reached $2.229 per litre. Here's what to expect this week and the cheapest places to fill up.
Metro Vancouver, B.C. gas prices smashed the record high on May 9, 2022, due to the war in Ukraine. Here are the cheapest places to fill your tank.

Gas prices have smashed the record high again in the Metro Vancouver region in a matter of days.

Multiple outlets were selling gas for as much as 216.9 cents per litre on Friday (May 6), surpassing the previous record of 214.9. 

As of Monday, numerous gas stations across the Lower Mainland have shown prices as high as 222.9 cents per litre, passing the previous record by several cents. 

Exasperated locals have taken to Twitter to share their frustration with the soaring costs, with many of them remarking that they will rethink their summer road trips or find alternative ways to get to work. 

Rob Chikities took to Twitter to quip that "if you want to feel better" a 12-ounce coffee at Starbucks is still $2.75 CAD.

A local woman remarked that "if you thought I was a homebody before, best believe I'm not leaving my house except for work anymore unless I can justify the gas allowance."

Metro Vancouver gas prices surpassed the $2 per litre mark for the first time on March 4 and have continued to climb. 

At the time of this writing, the cheapest outlets across the Lower Mainland are selling gas for well over $2 per litre. According to, the cheapest option is a Canco in Aldergrove, which is selling gas for 206.9 cents per litre.

This outlet was also the cheapest option on Friday when it sold gas for 203.9 cents per litre. 

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Will Metro Vancouver residents see some relief at the pumps this summer?

Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis at, told Vancouver Is Awesome in an interview Friday that the long-term forecast isn't looking great for local drivers due to the war in Ukraine.

"We may continue to see increases, varied in timing and amount, as oil prices are likely to see additional upward pressure after the EU indicated it will sanction Russian oil," he explains in an email. 

"The long-term outlook is not positive, in that prices are to remain high and volatile with only limited and short-term relief possible for many months, barring improvement in the situation between Russia and Ukraine."

Locals looking to fill up their tanks in the City of Vancouver won't find any economical options. is showing all of the cheapest options in cities outside of the city.

The cheapest option in Metro Vancouver is located at a Fox at 5894 Marine Dr. in Burnaby, which is selling gas for 209.9 cents per litre. 

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