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'Unlock the power of proximity': New social marketplace app wants to help Vancouverites connect

Hangeh is bringing communities together.
Hangeh is a new app aimed to connect Vancouver residents via social marketplace.

Somewhere in between a Buy Nothing group and Facebook Marketplace is a new Vancouver-based app, described as a "social marketplace."

The city yearns for connection and Vancouverites continue to create innovative ways to get in touch with the community, from AI-scheduled socializing to painting Vancouver yellow

One local, Zeeshan Rasool, has found a new way to bring locals together.

Hangeh is a social marketplace for select Vancouver neighbourhoods. The mobile app is designed to connect residents by allowing them to meet neighbours, share their skills, rent items, sell things, create events, and join interest groups.

The new platform blends "human-centric use of technology, economic opportunity, and social capital creation," says the news release. 

When signing up, users are prompted to enter their address and select at least one skill they can offer their community, from lessons and assistance to hobbies and wellness. Once at the home page, users can browse different tabs for listings, send messages to neighbours, and check out events. 

"We are creating a new way for people to connect with their communities and experience life in urban centres," says Rasool, co-founder and CEO of Hangeh. "It's time to unlock the power of proximity and create a new social marketplace that is safe, fun, and interactive for all."

The app is available to download for Vancouver residents.