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Vancouverite catches shocking video of eagle eating young seal on local beach

Warning, the video may be too graphic for some viewers
An eagle pulls a young seal out of the ocean.

A local man has shared a video of an unusual, and brutal, sight on Vancouver's shore.

In the video a bald eagle can be seen pulling a small seal onto some exposed rock, out of the ocean. It then starts feeding on the fresh kill.

Eventually, the tide comes in as the eagle stands in the shallow water.

The person who shot the video says the scene was a bit disturbing at times.

"Sadly the baby seal was alive and either was beached on the shore or just laying in the sun when the eagle swooped down and started attacking it," says YouTuber Vancouver604Canada in an email to Vancouver Is Awesome. "I only recorded after the seal stopped calling out."

The video was shot earlier this year at Wreck Beach by UBC, where eagles are often seen hunting a variety of prey, though usually fish. While not unheard of, seals aren't a common prey animal for bald eagles. While they appear to be about the same size, the eagle is much lighter than the seal.