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Vancouverites awoken by helicopters hauling SUV above downtown (VIDEO)

Residents say the stunt started as early as 5:30 a.m.
The stunt was performed by Richmond helicopter company Talon Helicopters for a car commercial.

Many Vancouver residents were rudely awoken this morning by the sounds of two helicopters flying around downtown, one of which was carrying an especially unusual cargo.

The one helicopter was seen hauling an SUV attached to a long tether, Vancouver Is Awesome was able to confirm with Talon Helicopters the stunt was carried out for a Subaru commercial. A spokesperson for Talon Helicopters said the Richmond-based aviation company acquired the necessary permits from Transport Canada to carry out the stunt. 

While Subaru has not yet responded to V.I.A.’s calls for comment, a possible clue was uploaded to social media last week. Docksteader Subaru in Vancouver posted a picture of a 2021 Ascent Convenience at an airport with a helicopter sitting in the background. 

While appropriately named for the stunt, the flying SUV proved to be more of an inconvenience for Vancouverites with many taking to Twitter to voice their grievances with their new alarm clocks.