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Vancouverites share what they saw during Sunday's epic wind storm (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

What did you see?
A wave crashes into the shore.

Unless you were in a bunk for the last 48 hours you probably witnesses some of the crazy weather Vancouver saw over the weekend.

Wind speeds peaked above 80 km/h and hail was spotted across the Lower Mainland. Throughout the storm people took to their phones and cameras to catch pieces of the weather event.

They range from spectacular waves to some of the destruction and chaos the storm brought. First, the chaos:




In weather anchor terminology this was: “Hold on to your hats out there weather” ##vancouverbc ##vancouver ##hellospring

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod


Tree crushes 2 houses in south van from r/vancouver


Saw this boat in kitsalano beach, must've beached from the brief storm from r/vancouver


yikes from r/vancouver




But amongst all that, there were some beautiful moments.

sun opened on winds and waves today from r/vancouver





Surfs up at Ambleside in high winds tonight. from r/vancouver




A post shared by @kangsoon_van

And if you thought it was crazy around Vancouver, check out this water spout spotted near Campbell River on Vancouver Island.