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Watch: VFX wizard 'removes' English Bay Barge in unique way

Is this some new part of the Vancouver-Seattle rivalry?

The English Bay Barge has been sitting on Sunset Beach for more than six months garnering attention from around the world.

It seems that news of it has even reached the deep.

In a clip uploaded by Reddit user nalvfx, a kraken (or maybe it's a squid or octopus? We're not marine biologists) reaches from the deep to remove the massive barge (aka SMT-5000). Tentacles come from below the barge, wrapping around the red walls, and pull it off towards the ocean and down, as if it was pulled into some sort of abyss in the middle of English Bay.

Fans of the barge need not worry, though. Nalvfx is a special effects artist living in Vancouver.

"I work as an effects artist. This was done using Houdini and Nuke," writes nalvfx in a comment on Reddit.

It seems people are having fun with barge clips these days; a couple weeks ago someone made a BBC-style nature documentary clip about the lonesome barge.

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