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Watch: Someone made a BBC-style documentary clip about the English Bay Barge

"This is the barge of Sunset Beach."
The English Bay Barge has been stuck for more than six months.

From lizards dashing through the sand to avoid snakes to grizzly bears catching salmon in a river, hearing David Attenborough's voice almost automatically means you're listening to a nature documentary.

So what if you heard it talking about the English Bay Barge?

Someone has made a clip in the style of a BBC documentary, like Planet Earth or Blue Planet, and given it Attenborough narration.

"This is the barge of Sunset Beach," says the narrator. "Stranded here by a freak storm it has all but been forgotten by the rest of its herd."

While it may sound like the famed biologist, it's actually a deep fake, according to the person who posted the video. They used a website that turns text into the speech of famous or stereotypical voices.

The clip ends lamenting that the barge will soon be gone, leaving only memories.