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Video: Kitsilano Pool may not reopen this summer due to storm damage

The storm surge and waves flooded the pool and soaked the ground around it.

The huge storm that caused significant damage to Vancouver's iconic seawall around Stanley Park may be to blame for disappointed swimmers in Kitsilano this summer.

In a post on Twitter, Peter Fox, manager of recreation services for the Vancouver parks board, says the famed pool may not reopen at all this summer.

"We know Kits Pool is an absolute favourite for so many Vancouverites every summer, but to keep everyone safe, we really need to take the time to do the assessment and the necessary repairs," he says in a video. "This work is expected to extend into the summer."

The pool's bottom has been damaged by the storm that hit the city January 7 and 8.

"The storm was unlike anything we experienced before," Fox explains, noting that there was an "unusual confluence of events."

It ended up causing cracking in the pool bottom and pushing panels apart.

"This low-pressure system created a huge storm surge which sucked up water from the ocean and then created huge waves, which then flooded the pool and the deck," says Fox.

Chambers used to fill the pool were also damaged.

Unfortunately, staff were delayed inspecting the area until recently.

"Staff were unable to get in and inspect the pool tank until only a few weeks ago," Fox says. "We had to wait for the pool to be fully drained and for the groundwater and tides to subside."

The parks board doesn't share a timeline for when repairs will be finished, but Fox notes they are looking at different options and solutions. Since the pool won't be opening any time soon, the Second Beach and New Brighton pools will open earlier in the morning.

During the April 11 park board meeting, staff noted the costs for the repairs are still to be determined. 

"We hope to get you back swimming here as soon as we can," Fox says.