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Video: Tornado spotted Saturday off coast of YVR

A tornado alert for the Vancouver area had been issued by Environment Canada earlier in the day

Dramatic video and photos are emerging after a tornado was spotted just off the coast at Vancouver Airport Saturday evening.

Footage of the giant water spout near the airport is taking over social media platforms across the region.

Some of the video and photos are being shot from passengers at the airport, while many are being taken from high rises and one across the dike trail in south Richmond.


A tornado watch was issued earlier in the day by Environment Canada before being lifted later in the evening.

The report advises people to be prepared for severe weather and to take cover immediately if a tornado does form.

According the alert, there was a possibility of funnel clouds and that possibly brief, weak tornadoes could develop.

The alert came after the northbound waterspout was spotted moving west of YVR Airport.

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