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Watch: Drone footage gives bird's eye view of Broadway Subway project

Ever seen a bird's eye view of a subway tunnel?

While the Broadway Subway will be below the surface when it's finished, much of the massive infrastructure project is exposed to the sun these days.

However, most of it is behind fences or hidden in some other way. Unless you're a bird.

Or a drone.

TI Corp, the crown corporation behind the $2.83 billion Broadway Subway project, has posted video footage shot this summer from above each of the new line's new stations: Arbutus, South Granville, Oak-VGH, Broadway-City Hall, Mount Pleasant, and Great Northern Way.

It's unusual to get a bird's eye view of a subway tunnel.

The video starts at Great Northern Way near Emily Carr University and speeds down the section of track that will be above ground, showing workers building what goes under the track.

It then moves on to Mount Pleasant and the other stations, giving the audience unique angles of the stations and showing how deep some of the holes are.

The video also juxtaposes the industrial work going on below the surface with the everyday traffic at street level.