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Watch this beaver waddle through a residential Vancouver neighbourhood (VIDEO)

The little critter drew quite a crowd with its rare showing.
A beaver was spotted waddling around a residential area in Vancouver, BC's Kitsilano neighbourhood in March 2022.

A beaver was spotted waddling around a residential area in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood March 22.

The semi-aquatic herbivore was caught on video going across a lawn before striding out on the sidewalk in front of a small group of excited onlookers.

Another video shows the critter moving between some cars and then venturing down the street. 

Vancouver resident Ryan O’hearn tells Vancouver Is Awesome that he spotted the large rodent travelling south on Blenheim Street and called the B.C. Conservation Officer Service. They told him the department doesn't deal with smaller animals. 

A neighbour told O'hearn to call Critter Care Wildlife Society but there was too much of a delay from when he spotted the beaver and the organization was unable to help. 

"[Critter Care] thinks it’s a male beaver who has been kicked out of his dam and is trying to find his own new territory. Sometimes they end up not finding a new territory and end up at the ocean or other unfavourable habitats," he explained.

"Because there was a time delay from the time I saw the beaver to the time I called Critter Care, they weren’t able to do anything (like finding a needle in a haystack)."

"Hope someone spots him again."

If you spot the beaver please call Critter Care at (604) 530-2064 immediately.

Known for building large dams, lodges, and canals, you're more likely to see evidence of beavers than you are to spot one of the large rodents. So, when the first beaver was spotted in Stanley Park's Beaver Lake in over 60 years, it made a considerable splash. 

In 2008, the first semi-aquatic herbivore mysteriously appeared in Beaver Lake after an extraordinary hiatus. No one knows how it got there, but a second one joined it in 2011. Afterwards, the pair had kits. 

Find out the full story behind the popular Stanley Park rodents and why they are considered a keystone species.