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Watch this crow play with its new bouncy ball in Steveston (VIDEO)

"This is my new crow friend with his green bouncy ball"
A crow in Steveston had a heckuva time playing with a bouncy ball this weekend.

It seems even members of the animal kingdom took some time this weekend to lay around.

A Reddit user in Steveston caught a crow playing with a bouncy ball, and shared the video. The black bird seems to be having a...ahem...ball of a time playing with the children's toy.

"This is my new crow friend with his green bouncy ball," says u/Wenniki in the video.

So I see a green bouncy ball fall from the sky. Then I notice a crow go flying after it. I investigate further. The crow was taking the ball up to the light then dropping it, so it could playfully chase after it to do it over and over again. (Steveston) from r/vancouver

The crow seems to have made a game of solo catch, carrying the ball up to the traffic lights at Moncton Street and Number 1 Road, dropping it and then following it up the road. Once the ball is bouncing only a little, the crow continues to follow on foot, hopping along just behind.

"I'm watching this crow play with a bouncy ball, it's the funniest thing," says u/Wenniki in the video.

Crows are famously clever, and seem to use their intellect both for play and criminal activities; late last year a crow was spotted stealing items out of a backpack on Cypress.

In 2010 the Vancouver Courier spoke to UBC professor Wayne Goodey about crows and the whole Corvidae family of birds (which includes ravens and jays).

"That family is probably the most intelligent of all birds and are comparable to parrots when it comes to being smart," said Goodey. adding that they're smart enough to be trained and can respond to being called, if taught to do so.

In Steveston the crow decided that the traffic light location was played out and flew off into a nearby park.