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Weekend Lotto 6/49 draw reveals $1M winning ticket from Burnaby

Did you buy a ticket in Burnaby for Lotto 6/49's draw on Saturday, May 11? You may want to double-check your numbers.
Canadian money Getty Images
Someone in, or who purchased a ticket in, Burnaby is $1 million richer courtesy of Lotto 6/49's draw on May 11, 2024. | Getty Images

B.C.'s latest millionaire bought their lottery ticket in Burnaby.

The BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC) said someone matched the $1-million White Ball jackpot from Lotto 6/49's draw on Saturday, May 11.

The winning number was 05516473-02.

It's not known, as of this publication, May 13, if someone has come forward or has claimed the seven-figure prize.

"All lottery prize winners have 52 weeks from the draw date printed on their ticket to come forward to claim their prize," BCLC has previously stated.

"The specific retail location where the winning lottery ticket was purchased, and the lottery winners' name(s) will be announced after the winner has come forward to claim their prize."

No one claimed the $46-million Gold Ball prize from the same draw, according to's website.

Someone in Atlantic Canada, however, took home the Lotto 6/49 classic jackpot of $5 million.

This is the second Lotto 6/49 ticket purchased in Burnaby in the last two weeks to win a significant jackpot.

Someone won more than $101,000 from the draw on April 27, 2024, matching at least five of the seven drawn numbers:

  • 03, 06, 18, 26, 36, 42 and 17 (bonus)

Wei Dong Chen, Burnaby's most recent millionaire, claimed $5-million off a Lotto 6/49 ticket he bought in Richmond for the Feb. 28, 2024, draw.