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Welcome to the new V.I.A. website!

Have a look around Vancouver Is Awesome's new website!
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Welcome to the new and improved Vancouver Is Awesome website!

After twelve long years on Wordpress and an AWS server we've migrated to a new Content Management System. That's nerdspeak for "the technology our website runs on is different now", thanks to our partners at Village Media.

How does this affect you? I'm glad you asked. Here's how:

More stories

Before today we averaged around 25 new stories per day. We're a division of Glacier Media's news network, and the back end of our new site allows us to to bring in a lot more relevant stories from our sister publications that we think you'll be interested in. We've also added sections with up-to-the-hour National News, National Sports, National Business and World News thanks to The Canadian Press, delivering all of the news you need beyond the local.

Defined sections

Maybe you just want Vancouver food stuff, or perhaps you're interested in national news. Heck, maybe you're just here for travel ideas or events to go to. The layout of our new site allows you to find archived stories as well as new ones a lot easier than you could in the past.


See that little weather icon on the top right of the site next to the current temperature? Click on it (or HERE) and you'll find up-to-the-minute local temperatures and conditions as well as long range forecasts and weather warnings. At the bottom there's also data showing the previous day's weather and the historical record highs, lows, and precipitation levels from previous years.

Daily polls

Every day we're going to come up with a new poll to let you have your say on something that's timely or maybe random, but Vancouver related. Take today's poll HERE.

A new, daily newsletter

This isn't directly related to our new website but we're launching it at the same time. Each and every morning we're now sending out a newsletter that will bring you up to speed on the top news stories, the upcoming weather, and what's Awesome in Vancouver. Sign up to receive it HERE.

More fun/helpful stuff

Oh look, it's a Lowest Gas Prices tool that shows you the best prices in the city, a daily crossword puzzle, and daily horoscopes.

The Mood Meter

Scroll to the bottom of this story (and every story) on our site and you'll see a series of emotions. Click on them to let us know exactly how individual pieces we publish make you feel. When you do this, below it it'll suggest similar stories to check out.

More coming soon

We're going to be rolling out a number of new features and sections over the coming weeks. Including but not limited to:
- Classifieds
- Obituaries
- Business directories
- More beer, wine and spirits stories

Subscriber benefits (subscribing is FREE!)

The best thing about being a member right now is that you'll be able to participate in commenting, a feature our previous site didn't have. In the future we'll be doing exclusive member giveaways as well as releasing Premium content that only members will have access to. Sign up HERE, it takes two seconds.

Click around and check everything out, then let us know what you think!