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Here's why a SeaBus was seen with a life raft next to it Monday morning

Short answer is, it was a drill (as in a practice event, not a tool)
File Photo: A SeaBus may have looked like it was having some trouble Monday morning, but it was actually part of an annual drill. Getty Images

Those near Burrard Inlet on Monday morning (May 27) might have seen a SeaBus in the middle of the water looking like it was experiencing an emergency.

Not to worry though: it was all planned.

"This was a scheduled annual safety drill required by Transport Canada. It was a life raft deployment exercise on an out-of-service vessel," TransLink spokesperson Thor Diakow tells V.I.A. in an email.

These sorts of drills happen from time to time in the area.

While this one happened in late May, last year a similar safety drill was caught on camera and drew a lot of curious eyes in March 2023.

With files from Jane Seyd