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Breaking nudes: Vancouver's Wreck Beach ranked 'premier urban nude beach in the world'

"Coming here you feel like you’ve been shipwrecked and landed on a nude oasis"
Vancouver's Wreck Beach near UBC has been named the top urban nudist beach in the world by Nude Beach Map, a site that covers naked beaches around the globe.

Vancouver's Wreck Beach is once again drawing eyes from around the world.

A website covering nude beaches has ranked it the very best urban nude beach in the world; Nude Beach Map calls it "the premier urban nude beach in the world" mixing proximity to the city with a forest setting.

"Coming here you feel like you’ve been shipwrecked and landed on a nude oasis," they write on their website.

Using a mix of ratings on their own site, Google reviews, and map measurements to decide the rankings, Nude Beach Map placed Wreck Beach ahead of other famed (and warmer) locations like Haulover Beach in Miami, Florida, and Lady Bay Beach in Sydney, Australia.

"Wreck is the best of both worlds and the reason why it ranks number on the list," they write. "It’s only 25 minutes away from bustling traffic in Downtown Vancouver but it feels like you’re on vacation somewhere else."

In a press release about the ranking, they also call Wreck a "transformative haven" with "breathtaking vistas" where a community has grown to create an "unmatched nude beach-going experience."

"The beach upholds a strong ethos of respect and privacy, particularly concerning photography, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for everyone," they state.

Wreck wasn't the only Canadian beach to make the list; Hanlon's Point on the Toronto Islands was ranked fifth. Also making the list was Seattle's Denny Blaine.