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Watch: Yaletown bear spray attack suspects caught on video

The robbers used bear spray boutique on staff members.
The VPD is hoping the public can identify a man and woman who used bear spray on employees of a Yaletown boutique during a Sept. 30, 2022 incident

Last weekend, a Yaletown boutique on Howe Street was robbed by two people who used bear spray on the staff members.

Vancouver Police Department (VPD) investigators believe that the crime was committed by a man and woman working together and have released security footage in the hopes that the public will recognize them.

“Video obtained by Vancouver police shows a man and woman working together to commit this violent crime, which injured and traumatized two employees,” says Sgt. Steve Addison in a VPD media release. “It’s likely these suspects live nearby or frequent the area, and we’re hoping someone who recognizes them will call police so we can begin to hold them accountable.”

The robbery took place around 4 p.m. on September 30 when a woman in her 30s, wearing all black and a surgical mask entered the store and started browsing the clothing and accessories. According to police, she selected a purse and briefly posed in a mirror and while staff members were distracted, an alleged male accomplice entered the store.

As the woman went to leave, the man bear sprayed staff in the face before grabbing clothing off the rack and running out of the store.

“Everything about this crime was pre-meditated," says Addison, "and we know from experience that criminals like this often strike multiple times before they get caught."

The VPD believes that the stolen property is being resold online or in the Downtown Eastside and suggest that tips from the public have been helpful in solving a number of cases over the last year in Vancouver.

Police are once again asking anyone with information to call 604-717-4034.