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Here's a link to Google's archive of every place you've ever brought your phone

Sorry, but this is probably going to freak you out

Victoria's Chris Wylie recently blew the whistle on some shady work done through Facebook during the U.S. election (and others), and it's since opened an extremely large and interesting can of worms.

Did you know that Google keeps an archive of everywhere you've ever been? Neither did I. That was until I dug into THIS TWITTER THREAD by tech consultant and web developer Dylan Curran.

His lengthy thread lays out how Google is tracking you, and it gets into some facts about some of the ways that Facebook, Youtube and even Windows are keeping tabs on you.

Here, visit right now and check out a map showing , in great detail, everywhere you've ever brought your phone. It's crazy.

Below is everywhere I've travelled in Southern B.C. over the last few years, mostly while filming for our TV show, BC Was Awesome. I don't mind sharing the information and in fact I think it's interesting to have it as a way to look back on all the places I've been. However if you're a private person it might be a bit off-putting to know that this exists on the internet, and that it might be used as one piece in a puzzle to try and sell you more crap, or try to influence you in ways beyond your buying habits.

 Some of the places I've been in the past couple of years, thanks to the archive that Google Maps has kept for meSome of the places I’ve been in the past couple of years, thanks to the archive that Google Maps has kept for me

One way to prevent this is to turn off Location on your phone. The original thread from Dylan Curran is below, and it offers some ways that you might protect yourself.