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If you vote in Vancouver, you should subscribe to this new weekly newsletter

Justin McElroy at CBC Vancouver.

 Justin McElroy at CBC Vancouver. Photo Justin McElroy at CBC Vancouver. Photo @TinaLovgreen

CBC's municipal affairs reporter Justin McElroy and social media editor Tamara Baluja have teamed up on an email newsletter you should sign up for if you're interested in local politics and the upcoming elections in our region.

The first volume of their weekly Metro Matters landed this morning. It's a digital digest chock full of Vancouver-proper insights as well as more than a cursory glance at issues and candidates in the surrounding municipalities. The official line from CBC is that it will cover "big issues, small details & everything in between".

While primarily a roundup of CBC-gathered news, and links to their articles, it also reaches beyond their walls; the first edition includes a link to a piece by Postmedia's Jennifer Saltman, and a couple by our Glacier Media colleagues Mike Howell of the Vancouver Courier and Kelvin Gawley of Burnaby NOW.

If you're following McElroy on Twitter (if you vote, you should be) you'll know he tracks municipal politics like few others do. When asked if he thinks there'll be an issue other than the housing crisis that will resonate in the upcoming Vancouver election he tells us "how to address the opioid crisis, transportation, transparency, and how much local governments should advocate on issues outside their direct jurisdiction (like Kinder Morgan)" will be amongst them.

He also notes that "part of the reason housing affordability is so interesting this election is that the old partisan divides aren’t as clear, and it’s the first time voters will really cast judgement on the issue".

He's hesitant to make any early predictions as "the last two provincial elections have shown the danger of trying to predict the future", but I can foresee that subscribing to Metro Matters will help you better decide who to vote for this fall.

Check out the first volume HERE, then subscribe HERE.


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