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Here's the worst photo of Justin Trudeau in blackface you'll see today

⁦ @JustinTrudeau ⁩ in blackface at Jean Brebeuf high school. #cdnpoli #elxn43 #BreakingNews — Robert Fife (@RobertFife) September 19, 2019 Well that was fast.

Well that was fast.

As I wrote earlier today, this afternoon Time Magazine released a photo of our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in brownface.

It was a bombshell to say the very least.

18 years after it happened, a photograph from a yearbook finally saw the light of day.

Now, not six hours later, a second photo of Trudeau acting racist (his word, not mine) has emerged.

The Globe and Mail's Ottawa Bureau Chief tweeted out the photo (as seen above), and it's included in THIS PIECE they published.

This particular photograph is of your country's leader in full blackface, donning an afro wig and holding a microphone.

As he explained to reporters earlier today, this was the time in high school when he performed a rendition of what he called "Day-O" (The Banana Boat Song; a traditional Jamaican folk song), in front of his school.

It remains to be seen if video exists of either of these racist acts. It's a safe bet that if any does you'll be seeing that these photos of him dressed as Alladin and a Jamaican are more than simply a man in makeup.

If there isn't footage that you get/have to see, consider this: these aren't just photographs.

The photos you saw today are from two separate events where that man impersonated people of other races, likely hamming it up and doing his "best" impressions.

After high school (when he wore blackface) he went on to become a drama teacher (when he wore brownface), not a makeup instructor.

Again: this is gonna hurt.


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