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OPINION: Premier Horgan planned to gather with family for Christmas while us peasants actually follow the rules

Do as they say, not as they do
John Horgan
Premier John Horgan. File photo

NEWS1130 dropped a bombshell this afternoon as they revealed that as of yesterday Premier John Horgan had planned on enjoying a nice Christmas dinner with members of his family who don't live with him, and would in fact be traveling from another city to his home.

Or, that is, Horgan himself dropped the bombshell in a year-end interview with NEWS1130.

Seemingly oblivious to his own government's guidance around not gathering with anyone outside of your immediate household, the premier boasted on Thursday that he had planned to visit with family members who were inside his "bubble".

It would seem that the people with the most sense in the Horgan family married into it, as the following day (today) he spoke again with reporter Liza Yuzda, explaining that his daughter-in-law has "a concern about rules", and that her being a "prominent daughter-in-law", the family "decided collectively" that they'll "find another way to share this special time of year."

Jesus Christ, man. That would be the same way everyone in this province - all of us peasants - have planned on celebrating; in our own homes, with no relatives who don't live outside of those homes. We've been told for weeks that's what we should be doing.

This apparent misunderstanding of the rules hearkens back to the time when Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart wanted people to do as he said, and not as he did, while he gathered for drinks with an oversized group on a restaurant patio.

Visit NEWS1130 to watch Liza's embarassing flip-flop interview with Horgan. 

And regardless of what the premier says he plans to do or not do, do not meet up with people who don't live in your immediate household over the holidays.

There is no bubble outside your home. People living inside your home are currently your bubble.

Let's do all we can to stop the spread of COVID-19, apparently while our leaders drink from golden goblets, following a different set of rules.

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