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Letter: Bob Kronbauer's column about people "panic buying" guns is garbage

[Sent in response to " People are panic buying guns and ammo in B.C.

[Sent in response to "People are panic buying guns and ammo in B.C. in fear of the Emergencies Act"]

As some one who supposedly enjoys shooting sports I’m rather disappointed you would write that article about people stock piling ammo.

You said there is no hunting till fall? That is false.

Predator hunting is open year round. Spring bear season starts in April.

With things being cancelled there are plenty of families who enjoy shooting sports so to take part it that with there upcoming time off that requires purchasing ammo.

It’s tax time! Every year around this time there’s march madness sales, and people are enjoying spending there tax return on firearms and ammo.

A lot of people also saved up for the annual HACS gun show which is cancelled so they have disposable income

You should really look up the details before just blatantly spewing garbage.

Good on you tho for trying to paint gun owners even worse than our own government already does.


Mitch J