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Bobcat spotted prowling in West Vancouver backyard (VIDEO)

These wild cats eat rabbits, squirrels, deer and even porcupines

The video below was captured by British Properties resident, Angela Thiara. Shot on January 24th, it shows a large bobcat prowling her property near Hadden Drive.

They're not often seen in Metro Vancouver but Bobcats (lynx rufus) are actually fairly common in B.C.. In fact I've personally seen a couple in Squamish and spotted another just a day after this video was shot!

While travelling on the Hope Princeton Highway (Route 3) returning from a BC Was Awesome shoot in Oliver, I noticed what at first glance I thought to be a rottweiler bounding up the bank next to the highway. We were about 50 miles from any town and as we pulled our vehicle over it quickly became apparent that we weren't looking at a dog.

The beast posed for about a minute, staring us down, and we finally decided to move on as a vehicle was approaching behind us.

I managed to capture this photo.

 Bobcat spotted on the Hope Princeton Highway. Photo by Bobcat spotted on the Hope Princeton Highway. Photo by @BobKronbauer on Instagram.

Strangely, this beautiful cat is actually legal to hunt in B.C..

And speaking of hunting, staples of the Bobcat's diet include rabbits, squirrels, deer and even porcupines. So if you see one prowling around your property you might want to call the dog in.