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B.C.'s biggest water park opening with new rules, hours, and rates this summer

You can still splash away, but things are running a little different this summer due to COVID-19
Photo courtesy Cultus Lake Waterpark

B.C.'s enduringly popular Cultus Lake is always a top destination for families each summer, so it will be great news for many that the water park is set to open for the season on Wednesday, July 8.

However, due to COVID-19, the water park has put in place a number of operational changes in order to give guests a safer experience - so things are going to be a lot different this year.

Cultus Lake Waterpark has significantly changed their hours for this summer, and have capped group maximums at six people. The water park will now offer two daily "sessions" at four hours apiece - one at 9 a.m. (rides open at 9:30 a.m.) and another at 2:30 p.m. (rides open at 3 p.m.) and they have reduced overall venue capacity. The park will close for 90 minutes between sessions to allow for a full cleaning, though spot sanitization will take place all day.

Guest groups are required to position themselves no closer than two metres apart from each other where they set up within the park on the grass or at tables, and are asked to stand apart in lines. Distancing "dots" will be in place to help guests position themselves throughout the venue.

cultus-lake-water-parkPhoto courtesy Cultus Lake Waterpark

The water park is asking that you not visit if you have been out of the country within the previous 14 days of your visit or if you are sick or have been in contact with anyone who has been sick. Further, they recommend that guests older than 70 not visit this summer. Guests are urged to come "swim ready" to minimize the need for change room use, and they recommend you shower at home before and after your visit if possible.

This summer there is no re-entry for the park, and nighttime events have been cancelled. Additionally, the park is not offering any discounts on admission for this summer.

Of course, the rides are the best part for many fans of Cultus Lake Waterpark, and those will all be up and running, but with some limitations in terms of number of riders and overall occupancy. Cultus Lake has details about all the new rules for summer 2020 on their FAQ page.

If you're headed out to Cultus and want to make the most of your day, Cultus Lake Adventure Park - their theme park located across the road from the water park - is up and running, with its own set of summer 2020 COVID-19 precautions in place, including two daily sessions, distancing measures, and capacity limits.