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Ice doesn't stop these paddleboarders from heading out on a frozen B.C. lake (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

"It's a nice break to the day," said one of the wet-suit clad paddleboarders

By Chelsea Powrie

Thick ice lined the shore of Okanagan Lake, snow fell steadily from the sky and wind stung faces Wednesday afternoon in Penticton — all of which somehow inspired three young women to get out their paddleboards and hit the water. 

Katie, Tiana and Yannick, all of whom work at the Lakeside Resort, suited up in heavy-duty wetsuits around midday to try and tackle the lake. 

"It's a nice break to the day," Yannick said, after laughingly admitting she "wasn't sure" why she was doing this. 

"I guess to go out, tell the rest of Penticton to enjoy the winter."

The three trudged out over frozen waves to the waterline, which was clogged with ice floes including unique and rare disc-shaped formations that have attracted attention in the area. Yannick said she has enjoyed watching those form over recent days, part of the beauty of the lake in the winter. 

"And then there's these ice volcanoes that form. So it's pretty neat to just go outside and watch the transformation that happens in the winter," she explained. 

The three couldn't get far out into the water due to the ice holding them more or less in place, but the smiles on their faces as they stood up on their boards said it all. 

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