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This website lets you book and list campsites on private property across B.C.

Campertunity aims to provide “a solution” to the problems associated with too many campers and not enough campsites. 
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Were you one of the thousands of British Columbians who struggled to book a summer campsite when BC Parks' Discover Camping reservation system reopened last month? 

Fret not - if you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors this year but are frustrated by the constant battle for campsites, there’s another alternative to B.C.’s provincial parks you might want to consider. 

Since launching last year, Campertunity is hopping aboard the shared economy-trend to offer up new spaces for campers, and a new revenue generator for landowners - think Airbnb, without the bnb. Essentially, it aims to provide “a solution” to the problems associated with too many campers and not enough campsites. 

“Booking a campsite on government campgrounds has become so aggressive and competitive that it has led to reservation re-sales, undue stress, and a need for change,” wrote Campertunity’s co-founders in a release. “This is why we created Campertunity, an online platform that enhances camping experiences by allowing private landowners to list their land for campers to book.” 

While campsites are available to book from coast to coast, the vast majority appear to be concentrated here in B.C. 

Prices range from $10 per night all the way up to $125 per night, though most sites appear to be priced around the $30, based off a quick scroll through the current offerings. The type of accommodations available, meanwhile, range from an urban garden in downtown Toronto to farmland to secluded oceanfront retreats. “Any space that’s big enough to pitch a tent,” is suitable land to list, according to the business’ website. 

Prospective property-listers are encouraged to check with their respective municipalities regarding camping laws before welcoming guests. 

Picky campers can also filter their search to include only sites that offer their necessary amenities, whether that’s flush toilets, RV hookups or pet-friendly spaces. 

Interested in booking a site for your next camping trip, or listing your land? Head to Campertunity’s website for more information.