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Check out this East Vancouver 'Skinny House' on the market for $1.7 million (PHOTOS)

If you parked a Cadillac Escalade in front the bumpers would stick out over the edge on either side.

A usual lot for a single-family home in Vancouver is 33 by 122 feet.

Like many lots, 1962 E 7th Ave. is 122 feet long. What makes it unusual is that it's only half as wide as others; that's right, the lot is 16.5 feet wide, which means the house is smaller on the inside. A Ford Explorer is longer than this lot is wide.

It's for sale right now; it'll set someone back $1.7 million — or more (the house, not the Explorer...well, someone would sell an Explorer for that much, but no one should pay that much).

"One of the most unique homes in the neighbourhood! ‘The Skinny House’ is a custom-built detached home," writes the listing agent.

The house has three storeys — a basement with a rec room, bathroom, and crawlspace; a main floor with a living area, dining area, and kitchen; and an upper floor with two bedrooms, bathroom, and laundry. In total the narrow lot has nearly 1,500 square feet of living space - there's also a porch and deck. It's described as being inspired by character homes in the Grandview Woodland area.

Being that it's long and narrow, there is room for a second structure; a small garage has been built along the backing lane.

Judging by maps there's no obvious reason for the very skinny lot; neighbouring lots are all wider — there's no twin lot that's also 16.5 feet so they add up to 33. BC Assessment does show there are some other lots that are sub-33 nearby as well, but they're around 25 feet wide.