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Here are the 10 most expensive homes in the City of Vancouver

Many of the most expensive homes in B.C. are neighbours in Point Grey and Kitsilano.

Vancouver's real estate market is infamous for its high prices, and this year's most expensive properties keep that trend going.

Of the top 10 most expensive properties in the province as of July 1, 2023, nine of them are in Vancouver, according to BC Assessment figures released on Jan. 2, 2024. In fact, those nine are all along one stretch with views of English Bay.

Unsurprisingly the area is Point Grey and Kitsilano's waterfront, home to billionaires and the ultra-wealthy.

The one outside of Vancouver is James Island, an entire private island off the coast of Sidney which appears to have an 18-hole golf course, a network of roads, and an airfield, along with other amenities. It's ranked third in the province, valued at $57.93 million.

The 10 highest-valued homes in Vancouver of 2024: BC Assessment

In total, the top 10 most expensive - or highest-valued - homes in Vancouver are assessed at about $466.16 million. 

Not on this list are the holdings of Mailin Chen, which include three properties in Point Grey which are all connected. One of them is the 14th highest assessed in BC, and another (which on Google Maps appears to be the lawn of the other property) is 205th. A third property neighbours the first and was assessed at $13 million, despite having no buildings on it.

1. 3085 Point Grey Rd.

Assessed value: $81.77 million

Famously owned by Lululemon founder and property developer Chip Wilson, the Kitsilano mansion remains the most expensive home in B.C. This year it gained about $7 million over its previous assessment.

According to BC Assessment, it has seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms 

2. 4707 Belmont Ave.

Assessed value: $70.42 million

While Belmont Avenue isn't that long, it might have the highest value of any street in Canada. Leading the way is this 10-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion, which is once again the closest single property to Wilson's house and the only one even slightly close.

This is the first year it surpassed the $70 million mark but it fell further behind first place.

3. 4743 Belmont Ave.

Assessed value: $43.69 million

Two doors down from second place is the third-most highest-valued residence in the City of Vancouver. The house is a little older than the others, built in 1992 as opposed to 2007 and 2008.

That said, it still has five bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

4. 2815 Point Grey Ave.

Assessed value: $42.94 million

Around 300 metres away from Wilson's waterfront abode is another waterfront home in Kitsilano worth a little more than half of first place.

With five bedrooms and six bathrooms, the house built in 1962 is a bit smaller than the others on this list. And BC Assessment's evaluation shows that, with the property accounting for the vast majority of the value; the house is valued at $1.17 million (it actually decreased last year, though the land increased by a lot more).

5. 4719 Belmont Ave.

Assessed value: $41.88 million

Back on Billionaire Row, and between second and third place on this list, this nearly 20,000 square foot (spread across two storeys and a finished basement) house has six bedrooms and 11 baths.

6. 4838 Belmont Ave.

According to BC Assessment's 2024 report, this home at 4838 Belmont Ave is the home with the sixth-highest value in Vancouver. Photo via

Assessed value: $39.77 million

One of the newest homes on this list, it was built in 2019. And it's currently on the market as well. REW has it listed for $55.8 million as of late last year.

It has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

7. 2999 Point Grey Rd.

Assessed value: $38.13 million

With just three bedrooms it may not have the most room for guests (according to BC Assessment) but it still has six bathrooms.

8. 1450 Blanca St.

Assessed value: $38.04 million

The first property with an address not on Belmont Avenue or Point Grey Road, Blanca Street is the road that one would use to get to Belmont Avenue, and this house is at the bottom of it.

In other words, if you park on the side of the road at Spanish Banks Beach, it might be this property's laurel bush you're under.

9. 4773 Belmont Ave.

Assessed value: $35.54 million

A few doors down from the previously listed trio lies this five-bedroom, nine-bathroom house.

10. 4857 Belmont Ave.

Assessed value: $33.99 million

Located at the furthest northwest point of Belmont Avenue, this is one of the larger properties in the area, with more than 2.7 acres of land. It also doesn't have any neighbours to its west, since that's Pacific Spirit Park.