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67 noteworthy Vancouver restaurant closures of 2023

In Vancouver, our restaurants and cafes are neighbourhood touchstones we sometimes take for granted.
Several Vancouver restaurants, cafes, and bars said goodbye in 2023 (or simply shut their doors for good). Here are some of the most noteworthy closures from around the city this year.

In the restaurant industry, you can be there for a decade and then suddenly packed up and gone one day - often with a new food business ready to take your place.

In Vancouver, much like in other cities around the world, our restaurants and cafes are neighbourhood touchstones we sometimes take for granted.

Because changes in business or within a community landscape often resonate deeply with locals, stories about restaurant closures in Vancouver are often some of the most widely-read and shared content from our Food & Drink section - though we always endeavour to put the spotlight on the incredible new and existing restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, and breweries we have in the city. 

Which Vancouver restaurants closed in 2023?

Because V.I.A.'s "turf" is Vancouver (proper) below are only the restaurant closures from the city itself; though V.I.A. does syndicate content from sibling publications in Richmond, the North Shore, the Tri-Cities, New West, Burnaby, Delta, and beyond across B.C. we're keeping the scope here to Vancouver. And one more note: Not every restaurant closure from this year in Vancouver is included; it's already a fairly comprehensive list, but we haven't been able to chronicle every single one. 

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Starting with a few end-of-2022 departures and going through the end of December 2023 and a peek ahead at a certain 2024 closure, here are nearly 67 restaurant business closures from this year in Vancouver. 


Dock Lunch

Closed: Dec. 31, 2022

Dock Lunch was best known for its globally-influenced dishes on ever-changing menus, with just a few offerings for each meal, ranging from more ambitious offerings to comforting home-style eats. The 16-seat restaurant was intimate and homey. The restaurant also was home to special pop-up events and offered a great little side-street patio in the warm months. The year kicked off with plans to close temporarily for building renovations, but the owner ended up being told she had to close down entirely.

What's there now: N/A

Yaletown Distillery

Closed: Dec. 31, 2022

Yaletown Distillery closed up shop for good at the end of 2022. The Yaletown Distillery Bar and Paulie's Kitchen/Facebook

In a brief Instagram post at the end of 2022, The Yaletown Distillery Bar & Kitchen announced it was "ceasing activities permanently." The bar, restaurant, and distillery, which had been operating for almost 10 years at 1131 Mainland St gave no explanation as to why it was closing but apologized for the news and thanked its patrons for their business.

What's there now: Second location of Nightingale (opening in 2024)

Kaneko Hannosuke - 1725 Robson St

Closed: December 2022

Opened behind much fanfare and excitement in January 2020, the first Canadian location of Japanese import tempura chain Kaneko Hannosuke made it three years before shuttering. The Vancouver location made it through, it appears, until just the end of 2022.

What's there now: Juicy & 88 Hot Dog (now closed as well)


Heritage Asian Eatery - 382 W Broadway

Closed: Early January

Heritage Asian Eatery began on Pender Street in Vancouver's financial district back in 2016 before expanding with its second outpost four years ago at W Broadway and Cambie. Heritage is known for its approachable menu of Chinese comfort classics, like dim sum dishes, loaded bao, and BBQ meats served to share or as plates with rice or noodles. Owner Paul Zhang said the Broadway Subway construction forced his hand in closing the business. In 2024, Heritage is set to open a new second location at Lonsdale Quay.

What's there now: The Greek 

Oh Carolina - 580 E 12th Ave

Closed: January 15

Launched in the summer of 2021, Oh Carolina was the highly-anticipated revitalization of the Charles Grocery at the hands of local restaurant group Gooseneck Hospitality -  the folks who brought us Bufala, Bells & Whistles, Lucky Taco, and (the sorely-missed) Wildebeest. 

What's there now: Mercato di Luigi

Hubbub (859 Hornby St and 420 Robson St)

Closed: January

A Vancouver sandwich business with two downtown locations came to an abrupt end after its owner found himself in financial distress due to the pandemic. Both Hubbub restaurants shuttered in early January due to unpaid rent. Owner Faisal Khan shared his story of taking over the business just as the pandemic reached Vancouver and his struggles to keep the sandwich shops afloat in the ensuing months and years.

What's there now: Kinton Ramen (Robson St) and Olivier's Breads (Hornby St)


Caffe 888 Express - 888 Dunsmuir St

Closed: February 2

After 28 years in Vancouver's downtown, 888 Caffe Express announced near the start of 2023 that it was ending its run serving up coffee and casual cafe eats in the heart of the city. The owner told V.I.A. it was time to move on, personally and professionally, in part due to the aftermath of the pandemic. 

What's there now: Fresh Slice

Daisy Garden - 142 E Pender St

Closed: February

Seven years after the beloved Chinatown restaurant Daisy Garden was destroyed by a devastating fire, owners managed to complete an extensive renovation and welcomed customers once again in March 2022. Less than a year after the joyous rebirth, the spot cherished for its homestyle Cantonese fare closed permanently and the business was listed for sale.

What's there now: N/A

Moderne Burger - 865 W Broadway

Closed: Mid-February

The interior of the burger restaurant was stripped of the Modern Burger branding in February 2023. Brendan Kergin/V.I.A.

The Fairview burger joint is no more - having packed it in without public explanation. Originally the retro-styled burger diner opened in 2001 on the 2500 block of West Broadway, but in 2018 that spot shuttered due to redevelopment. However, in 2019 a new Moderne Burger opened at 865 W Broadway as a scaled-down version of the original location. Moderne Burger appears to have quietly vacated the space - shared with Tim Hortons - sometime in mid-February.

What's there now: N/A (vacant)

Sweet Revenge - 4160 Main St

Closed: February 19

Mount Pleasant's Sweet Revenge closed permanently after 22 years. With its quirky decor, late-night hours and very specific menu (tea and desserts), it was a unique offering in Vancouver. J.S. Kim has owned the little cafe for over a decade; she said the closure is due to issues with the building.

What's there now: TBD


Grade A Steak & Seafood - 1175 Granville St

Closed: March 14

Hailed by one customer as "one of the last old school greasy spoons left," Grade A Steak & Seafood Restaurant at Granville and Davie served up its last low-price meals on March 14. The veteran Vancouver restaurant, known for its bargain prices, and Chinese-Canadian diner-style fare - particularly breakfast - announced its closure via a letter to diners on in early March.

What's there now: Chopsticks & Bowls Noodle House

Benkei Ramen - 545 W Broadway

Closed: March 20

After over a dozen years of dishing up ramen on West Broadway at Cambie, Benkei closed up shop in March. The owner said it was time to retire, and the restaurant packed it in, to be replaced several months later by (you guessed it) another ramen restaurant.

What's there now: Menya Juemon

Weirdo Cafe - 6459 Victoria Dr

Closed: March 26

Opened in late 2018, the Weirdo Cafe specialized in a mix of Japanese and fusion foods, including items like "Crazy Beef on Rice," "Evil Castle Risotto," and "Blueberry Yogurt Pork Chop Spaghetti." They also had diverse drinks and dessert menus.

What's there now: Mnimes Restaurant & Bar

Milk Bar - Pacific Centre/Nordstrom

Closed: March

A look inside the pre-opening party at Milk Bar in Vancouver, Nov. 17, 2022. The dessert kiosk was forced to close in March as Nordstrom shut down its Canadian department stores. Lindsay William-Ross/V.I.A.

The loss of Nordstrom in downtown Vancouver meant the additional casualty of losing Milk Bar mere weeks after it debuted. The NYC-based sweets brand operated a kiosk-style cafe inside the department store, stocked with cookies, pie, cake, and soft-serve, along with merch. 

What's there now: N/A


Trattoria  - 1850 W 4th Ave

Closed: April 6

The Glowbal Group-owned chain opened its first Trattoria location on West 4th back in 2008. The restaurant is reportedly looking for another Kitsilano location to replace this one which shuttered due to the lease coming to an end. In the meantime, Trattoria has locations in West Vancouver, Burnaby, and is planning to open another in Langley very soon. 

What's there now: Qube Lebanese restaurant

Andina Brewing - 1507 Powell St

Closed: April 7

Andina Brewing Company closed down in the spring; at the time it was announced as a temporary closure, but one of the owners confirmed in July that the business had permanently closed. "We had a dispute with the landlord and the business was shut down on April 7, 2023," Andres Amaya told V.I.A. "We were hoping to resolve these issues but we were unsuccessful."

What's there now: N/A

Ubuntu - 4194 Fraser St

Closed: April 16

Restaurant and natural wine bar Ubuntu Canteen was a neighbourhood staple since opening in 2018. The day-to-night spot, headed up by celebrated Vancouver chef Dave Gunawan, was a go-to for many, and news of its closure this spring left locals stunned.

What's there now: Bar Bravo

Festal Paleo Cafe - 433 Granville St

Closed: April

Festal Paleo Cafe on Granville between Pender and Hastings announced in early April it had shut down its spot in the city's core. The cafe, which included dishes suitable for keto, paleo, and vegan diets, focused on healthy meals. They also had gluten-, dairy-, and sugar-free options. However, fans of Festal's food can hold out hope for its return to Metro Vancouver plates. "We hope to reopen at a new location, if we find a space that is feasible; within the next few months," the owners said.

What's there now: Hungry Zus

Wild Thing Snack Bar - 1867 Powell St

Closed: April

Wild Thing Snack Bar closed down at the end of April. While only open for a year, Snack Bar developed a cult following. At the time, operators of the 25-seat veg-forward Powell Street space, owned by six co-owners/partners, had said the restaurant "will remain in the family" and be used for special pop-up events in the future. However, this fall, a bar project called The Andrea Gail opened in its place.

What's there now: The Andrea Gail

Chewies - 1055 W Hastings St

Closed: End of April

Popular hangout spot Chewies Oyster Bar announced it would be closing its West Hastings spot at the end of April due to its lease for the restaurant's location. The location has been open since late 2013. This was the second Chewies Oyster Bar; the original shellfish-specializing spot in Kitsilano remains open. 

What's there now: Per Se Social Corner - second location (opening 2024)

Kent's Kitchen - 232 Keefer St

Closed: April 2023

Legendary family-run no-frills Chinese food spot that did take-out business shut down this spring, though they continue to operate on Victoria Drive.

What's there now: Tato's Kitchen


Sciué - Pender, Yaletown, Melville, Pendulum

Closed: May

The patio of the Yaletown Sciue location, as seen in the summer of 2020.  Sciue Italian Bakery Caffe/Facebook

Sciué, which began in 2005 with its first Italian caffe in downtown Vancouver, shuttered all of its four locations in the city as May got underway - and did so with no warning to customers. Sciué was known for its Roman-inspired menu of coffee, pastries, sandwiches, pizzas, and pasta dishes. They also served brunch and breakfast items and were regular participants of the annual Greater Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival, often putting whimsical creations on the menu for the event.

Biercraft (UBC) - 3340 Shrum Lane

Closed: May 1

Biercraft shuttered its remaining Vancouver location this spring, leaving just one of its brewpub restaurants standing in the region. The craft beer restaurant revealed that May 1 was the final day of operations for its outpost at UBC's Wesbrook Village. In December 2022, Biercraft closed up one of its original locations in Vancouver's Cambie Village. While it first seemed likely the Biercraft team would convert the UBC outpost into a Community Taps & Pizza as they had on The Drive, instead the crew partnered up to open the first-ever Sports Illustrated-branded restaurant. 

What's there now: Sports Illustrated Clubhouse 

Buckstop - 833 Denman St

Closed: May 27

Talk about marking a milestone: The West End's longtime go-to for BBQ eats, Buckstop, ended its 10-year run definitively by closing permanently. Buckstop was known for its dark, cozy ambiance, cocktail bar, and southern-tinged barbecue fare like pulled pork sandwiches and ribs, loaded burgers, and hush puppies. The owner shared on social media it was simply time for her to close up and find a new place to live for the time being.

What's there now: Los Chavos Mexican Restaurant

Aperture Coffee Bar -  243 W Broadway

Closed: May 28

After 10 years on West Broadway, the local coffee company shut down the location. "It has been a pleasure to be a fixture of the community for the past ten years," writes the company on Instagram. "We've loved serving as a space where culture could thrive - for people to relax, friends to catch up, students to study, and for new connections to be made." Their second shop at 4124 Main St. in Mount Pleasant remains in business.

What's there now: N/A

The Darkside - 219 Union St

Closed: Mid-May 

Open for just about six months, The Darkside, in what had previously been The Union in Chinatown was a playful, casual sibling to Chef Kevin Lin and Steph Wan's Land & Sea (now rebranded to Okini) in Kerrisdale. In May, Lin announced he and Wan were stepping away from the project, and while it was looking like The Darkside might return, it ended up closing down, replaced by Mexican-Japanese hybrid Miso Taco.

What's there now: Miso Taco

Wild Thing on Main - 2420 Main St

Closed: Early May

Wild Thing at 2420 Main St closed in May 2023. Lindsay William-Ross/V.I.A.

On the heels of its one time sibling "snack bar" the owners of Wild Thing sold their Main Street day-to-night cafe/restaurant. 

What's there now: Pinky's

The Hart - 238 Abbott St

Closed: Spring

Originally opened as a sibling to the White Hart in Surrey, Vancouver's The Hart specialized in gastropub staples like deep-fried pickles, scotch eggs, and a variety of burgers along with a modest beer and bar menu. It had only been open for a year.

What's there now: Arcana Spirit Lounge


Mangia Cucina & Bar - 2211 Manitoba St

Closed: June 17

Opened in 2018, Mangia Cucina & Bar served authentic pasta, pizza, and other Italian fare in a heritage house that had been converted into a cozy restaurant, located in Mount Pleasant. The Italian restaurant's sibling pasta boutique closed a month prior. The chef Alessandro Riccobono is starting a new venture by hosting tours in Sicily.

What's there now: Casa Molina (opening in 2024)

Hikari Cafe - 5701 Granville St

Closed: June 20

This sushi bar specializing in donburi and Japanese desserts closed suddenly in June following the owner's retirement. The small family-run spot served authentic homestyle Japanese food from sushi to omelette rice to ice cream waffle dessert.

What's there now: N/A

Bel Cafe - 1780 W 3rd Ave 

Closed: June

High-profile Vancouver chef David Hawksworth  culled his local empire by one with this spring's quiet closure of its Kitsilano outpost of Bel Café. As June got underway this year, Bel Café in Kits was no more, bringing its tenure in the neighbourhood to an end after five years.

What's there now: N/A

Buddha Chay - 1269 Hamilton St

Closed: June 5

Vegetarian and vegan-friendly Vietnamese restaurant Buddha Chay announced June 5 that the Yaletown restaurant was closed effective immediately, after just about six months in business.

What's there now: Alchemy Bar & Kitchen

La Taqueria - 586 Hornby St

Closed: June 14

A Vancouver staple for authentic casual Mexican fare brought one location's chapter to an end in June. The lease had come to an end for La Taqueria on Hornby, according to a representative for the restaurant. Instead of re-committing to the brick-and-mortar space, wheels were already in motion for the restaurant to debut a new food truck for its nearby set-up just one block away outside the Vancouver Art Gallery. 

What's there now: Toloache

12 Kings Pub - 395 Kingsway

Closed: End of June

12 Kings was created by a group of sports-loving beer fans who wanted to have a venue for like-minded patrons. They took over the former Locker Room (and before that, Mavericks) on Kingsway and 12th in 2014 and grew a base of patrons who enjoyed the food, craft beer, sports broadcasts, and live entertainment.

What's there now: Foy's Irish Bar & Grill


Hanoi Old Quarter - 5207 Victoria Dr

Closed: Summer

A sibling to the popular Mr Red Cafe, Hanoi Old Quarter opened in 2019 and was named one of the city's best Vietnamese restaurants in 2020.

What's there now: Krsma Indian Cuisine

Kokomo - 611 Gore St

Closed: July 28

After a six-year run, Kokomo said so long to its very first location this summer, but the plant-based biz already had plans to shift operations to a new, nearby restaurant space on Commercial Street.

What's there now: N/A

Hoy's Wonton House - 1202 Kingsway

Closed: July 29

Hoy's Wonton House closed this summer. Allie Turner/V.I.A.

"We tried our best in the last couple of months to extend the lease, but the new building owner refused to do so," said owners of this longstanding Chinese restaurant. "We have no choice but only to make this very sad decision after serving this community for many years." The restaurant served traditional and fusion food with everything from wonton soup to Chinese donuts to more than a dozen types of congee.

What's there now: N/A

Tea Drop Cafe - 1020 Howe St

Closed: July 30

This quaint coffee and bubble tea shop called it quits only months after opening. Tea Drop Cafe opened in early January this year but announced this summer that it would be closing on July 30.

A Taste of India - 1282 Robson St

Closed: July 30

After 35 years on Robson Street, A Taste of India shuttered permanently in the summer. Owners shared a farewell note on the restaurant door.

What's there now: That Year China Restaurant (opening 2024)

JJ Bean - 146 W Cordova St

Closed: July 31

JJ Bean's last day at the Woodward's Building was July 31, ending a 13-year run in the space. It was one of the first locations for the locally-based coffee chain.

What's there now: N/A

Röosh - 2 Water St

Closed: Early Summer

After making short work of tidying up the space, Röosh opened in Gastown in October 2021, replacing longtime previous tenant Peckinpah. The restaurant initially focused on Swiss-inspired fare but ultimately shifted its offerings to more gastropub-style plates. The business confirmed in the summer it was closed.

What's there now: Oku Izakaya Bar (opening 2024)


The Diamond - 6 Powell St

Closed: August 6

"After 14 years of last calls, we've finally reached ours," said operators of the beloved Gastown cocktail bar. The news came as a shock to many locals and fans of the establishment having just celebrated its anniversary. The former owner of the building "Diamond" Jack Wiley had recently passed away and the building was put up for sale which led to the Diamond's closure.

What's there now: N/A

Tangent Cafe - 2095 Commercial Dr

Closed: July/August

Tangent Cafe offered up breakfast, lunch, and dinner service with a Malaysian twist to locals for years, serving a mix of Eastern and Western foods like Malaysian poutine and "Wings of the World" (which included a "Vancouvarian" flavour) along with things like veggie burgers next to noodle dishes like mee goreng. The concept closed and re-emerged as Daybreakers. 

What's there now: Daybreakers


Nox - 1575 W Georgia St

Closed: Early September

A look inside the elegant and minimalist Nox restaurant in Coal Harbour. The restaurant closed abruptly this year. Photo courtesy Nox

Located at The Cardero building, Nox was initially the venture of restaurateur Alejandro Diaz and chef Sam Fabbro, who rose to prominence at El Santo in New Westminster, and Arpeg, which owns And-Co, the "bespoke professional hub" at The Cardero that had Nox under its umbrella of on-site offerings. The upscale Italian restaurant shuttered abruptly, and staff used online review portals to share tales of their last frustrating days of employment. Plans for the space remain unknown.

What's there now: N/A

Wa Curry - 622 W Pender

Closed: September 29

Wa! Curry was the new concept from Aburi (Miku, Minami, Aburi Market). In the spring, they flipped what used to be Gyoza Bar downtown into a dine-in and take-out curry spot making silky, savoury long-cooked curries using the wagyu they import for their market and restaurants. "We will be closing the restaurant-front to our Japanese curry brand, Wa! Curry, to focus on our upcoming new openings and continue to build our in-house offerings at Aburi To-Go and Aburi Market," shared owners this fall.

What's there now: Aburi commissary operations

Rib & Chicken -  4443 W 10th Ave and 1660 Renfrew St

A local restaurant chain that had six locations across the region at the beginning of 2023 had closed several, including two in Vancouver, by early September. Rib & Chicken opened in Langley in 2017, specializing in Korean BBQ and deep-fried chicken. Over the next few years, the brand spread out with locations in West Point Grey, East Vancouver, and Marpole, along with ones in Port Moody and Chilliwack; only the Marpole and original Langley locations remain open for business. 

What's there now: Sumbiyaki Arashi (W 10th) and Kuro Sushi (Renfrew)

Burnout Cafe - 2304 E Hastings St

Closed: September 24

"The Burnout Cafe building has been slotted to be torn down. This news has come sooner than we had expected," the cafe shared in an Instagram post on Sept. 2. "Better to burn out than fade away."

What's there now: N/A

Nightshade - 1079 Mainland St

Closed: September 17

On Sept. 12, Nightshade shared on social media the Michelin Guide-recognized upscale vegan restaurant was hitting pause for an unspecified duration to make a "transition" - about which the restaurant offered no details. Subsequently, plans were unveiled for new ownership of the Yaletown address. Nightshade's chef, Chanthy Yen, has now moved in the Executive Chef role at Giovane Bacaro and the future of Nightshade is unknown.

What's there now: Dovetail

Gyu-Kaku Broadway - 950 W Broadway

Closed: September

The global Japanese BBQ chain, with spots across Asia and North America, specializes in grilled meat dishes with tiny grills in the middle of the tables. They encourage social meals and shared plates. The West Broadway restaurant opened in 2014. Homura Yakiniku opened in the space within a month of Gyu-Kaku's exit.

What's there now: Homura Yakiniku 


Nukid - 1660 Robson St

Closed: October 22

Nukid was Korean bakery cafe on Robson in the West End that sold twisted donuts, filled brioche donuts, cheesecake, and other treats. @nukidcafe / Instagram

The bakery-cafe known for its Korean "twist" donuts and creative flavours closed up shop after just over a year and a half in business. The owners are shifting the space to be a new concept focused on Korean snacks.

What's there now: NomNom Seoul (opening in 2024)

Gram Cafe - 2218 Kingsway and 2145 W 41st Ave

Closed: Fall 2023

The Japanese souffle pancake chain entered the Metro Vancouver market with plans for four locations in the area, all of which slowly opened their doors between 2020 and 2022. However, now all of those restaurants are permanently closed. In addition to closed-up Gram Cafe locations in Brentwood and Richmond, the restaurant's two Vancouver outposts have subsequently shuttered.

What's there now: N/A (Kingsway) and Big Way Hot Pot (W 41st - opening 2024)

La Catrina Tacos - 1187 Denman St

Closed: October 

Opened in the spring of 2016, the taco shop specialized in tacos with a dozen varieties on the regular menu, serving tourists and locals near English Bay. They also served other Mexican staples like quesadillas and burritos.

What's there now: N/A

Seahouse - 1089 Marinaside Cres

Closed: Fall

After several years of looking out over False Creek, Seahouse Restaurant closed for business this fall. The Italian eatery focused on pizza, pasta, and other dishes from the Mediterranean country since 2020. The restaurant also had live jazz nights.

What's there now: N/A

Chef Hung Taiwan Bistro - 990 Smithe St

Closed: Fall

The Taiwanese noodle chain shut down Chef Hung Taiwan Bistro, less than two years after it opened in Downtown Vancouver. The beef noodle restaurant was a new twist on the chain's usual concept, Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle. Several of the noodle shops remain in operation across Metro Vancouver.

What's there now: N/A

Ganache Patisserie - 1262 Homer St

Closed: October 31

After two decades of bringing "a little taste of Paris to Vancouver" Ganache Patisserie closed this fall. The longtime Yaletown bakery is no more after owner Peter Fong handed over the keys to the location on Oct. 31, ending 20 years of sweet desserts and treats.

What's there now: N/A


Kouign Cafe - 18 E Pender St

Closed: Nov. 12

Pastry chef Andrew Han, known for his whimsical and creative Asian-inspired pastries, opened Kouign Cafe (pronounced "kween") in August 2020 in Vancouver's Chinatown neighbourhood. He shared candid details on his Instagram about his need to close the business, as it was proving a financial and personal strain to carry on. 

What's there now: N/A

Branas - 617 Stamps Landing

Closed: Fall

Branas Mediterranean Grill on False Creek's waterfront has closed operations; the restaurant space in Vancouver won't be empty long as a new Turkish place will open soon. Brendan Kergin/V.I.A.

For more than 10 years Branas restaurant sat overlooking False Creek. However, the Mediterranean grill closed this fall and renovations for a new restaurant at the same address are already underway.

What's there now: Kalamish (opening 2024)

Turquoise Goat - 122 W Hastings St

Closed: Early November

On Nov. 9, the owners of Turquoise Goat shared the news in an announcement on the cafe's website and Facebook. "Despite our boundless love for the cafe, financial circumstances, and events outside of our control have brought our run to an end," stated the owners. The cafe had been serving up board games and grub for just over a year since moving into the former Catch 122 space in Gastown.

What's there now: TBD

Cartems Donuts - 534 W Pender St

Closed: November 26

A trailblazer in Vancouver's gourmet donut scene brought a pivotal chapter to a close. Cartems Donuts closed its downtown location permanently this fall. The building that houses the "donuterie" is slated for demolishment and the site for redevelopment.


Tacomio - 1245 Glen Dr and 6025 University Blvd

Closed: Dec. 11, 2023

The end arrived in December for a Vancouver-based casual Mexican restaurant, as Tacomio announced the immediate closure of its two remaining locations in East Vancouver and at UBC. Tacomio began in Gastown in 2015, occupying a humble space on Abbott between Hastings and Pender. There, chef-owner Fhernando Llanas brought his authentic Mexican food to fans of tacos and burritos, showcasing braised meats and housemade salsas. Ultimately, Tacomio left that space, but not before they expanded to the North Shore; that location had closed earlier in the fall.

What's replacing the locations: TBD

Matchstick - 213 E Georgia St

Closed: Dec. 15, 2023

The Vancouver coffee roaster and indie cafe exited Chinatown in December after just under a decade. "The economic changes we have seen develop in the past few years - specifically rising inflation and real estate prices - have created an environment that is no longer sustainable for our cafe," explained management.

What's replacing it: TBD

Cannibal Cafe - 1818 Commercial Dr

Closed: Dec. 17, 2023

A rep for the restaurant, known for its rock-n-roll vibes, diner-style milkshakes, and big burgers, indicated there were several reasons for the closure, including the health of owner Matt Thompson. The burger joint had been in business for 13 years.

What's replacing it: The Fish Counter (second location)

VV Tapas Lounge - 957 E Hastings St

Closing: Dec. 23, 2023

The restaurant announced Dec. 5, 2023, via a media release, that the Strathcona wine and tapas bar will host its final service on Saturday, December 23. However, the team will then shift focus to re-launching the space as a new concept, slated to debut in early 2024.

What's replacing it: TBD

Neptune Chinese Kitchen - 1136 Alberni St

Closing: Dec. 29, 2023

Downtown Vancouver is losing Neptune Chinese Kitchen as the restaurant group is closing its Alberni Street location on Dec. 29. Brendan Kergin/V.I.A.

"With a heavy heart, we regret to inform you that Neptune Chinese Kitchen Alberni will be closing its doors," states the business in a note posted on its door. "We want to express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support throughout the years." The locally-based Chinese restaurant chain had operated its downtown Vancouver location for six years. 

What's replacing it: Din Tai Fung

Callister Brewing (taproom) - 1138 Franklin St

Closing: December 31

One of Vancouver's many award-winning breweries is going through some significant changes. Callister Brewing will be closing its taproom on Dec. 31, 2023 and moving on; the closure comes as the business's lease ends. With increasing costs, owners say they are looking for a new location. 

Jules Bistro - 216 Abbott St

Closing: Dec. 31, 2023

Chef/owner Emmanual Joinville opened Jules back in 2007, and named his Parisian-inspired restaurant for his son. “Jules has been a labour of love for me since day one and making the decision to bid farewell is a bittersweet one, but it’s time for me to pass the torch to a new generation of culinary talent,” said Joinville. The chef is consulting on a new menu for West Vancouver's Mereon, set to open in early 2024 at Ambleside.

What's replacing it: TBD

The Pie Hole - 1864 W 4th Ave

Closing: TBA (est. March 2024)

This November came word that The Pie Hole would have to exit its Kitsilano location by March 2024. In a candid interview, owner Jenell Parsons told V.I.A. about the crushing blow and her plans for the future, as her pie shop has been in an expansion mode in the past couple of years.

​What's replacing it: Purebread

With files from Maria Diment, Brendan Kergin, and Allie Turner

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