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Photos: Remote B.C. hermit shed could be yours for $75,000

It's a vibe

A remote cabin in northern B.C. has come up for sale and if you're yearning for that #hermitlife it might be the one for you.

Built on an island on the Taku River near the Alaskan Panhandle, the structure is a basic 14 x 16 ft cabin which might be better described as a shed.

As a bonus there is an actual shed on the property which "includes miscellaneous hand tools," according to the listing on

Other structures include a wash house with a shower as well as a cookhouse where you can comfortably cook your meal for one.

Property ownership is not included in the deal as the roughly one-acre piece of land it sits on is on a Crown lease agreement with four years left on it. This agreement (which may be eligible to be renewed) will have the new owner making annual payments of $530 to the B.C. government.

The listing price is $75,000 and must be a cash purchase.