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This trusted boutique realtor team is building a real estate family throughout Vancouver

Featured in the 2021 Excellence in Real Estate magazine, Andrew Hasman & Associates are helping families realize their real estate potential.
Jill & Andrew Hasman.

Not many realtors in Vancouver have dedicated themselves to one real estate company and office over the course of their entire career.

This is a milestone that RE/MAX realtor Andrew Hasman, the recipient of this year’s RE/MAX Luminary of Distinction career achievement award, is especially proud of reaching in his 28th year in the real estate industry through his Vancouver real estate office.

Working alongside Andrew in his two-person real estate team is his wife, Jill Hasman. As both life partners and business partners, Andrew and Jill form Andrew Hasman & Associates, offering boutique real estate services to guide clients beyond the standard buying , selling and investing in properties by providing support throughout the whole process. 

The Hasmans aim to be an ongoing resource for anything clients wish to know about the real estate landscape. Hands on in their work, they actively engage with and support them in their real estate planning through their extensive real estate market expertise and connections.

"We try to set our clients up for success in the real estate process by helping them make wise decisions," says Andrew. "We consider what we can do to add value — whether its providing suggestions for investments or bringing in tradespeople for renovation projects, along with setting up their homes for a successful sale.”

In providing the full package for real estate listings and showings — including measurements, photos, and floor plans, wall painting and carpet cleaning —the realtors ensure that by the time homes are put to the market, they are showing in a way that potential buyers who come in get an accurate impression of the space. 

Andrew & Jill Hasman. Photo provided by Andrew Hasman & Associates.

Andrew and Jill have built their business based on the fundamentals of being people-oriented in their approach to real estate.

"As realtors, we’re dealing with people's lives, their family memories, and their homes,” says Andrew. “We approach residential real estate in a way that captures people at the personal level.”

"We enjoy helping people get their homes ready for the market and helping them establish their new home and their new place in their lives,” adds Jill.

The Hasmans know that nurturing those relationships is key to creating happy clients and more business opportunities.

“We analyze each situation, understand the client's needs and expectations, and bring tremendous value to the table so that we can generate the best outcome for our clients,” says Andrew. “And that’s why they keep coming back.”

Today, 90% of their business comes from past clients and referrals.

In their small team of two, Andrew and Jill consider their clients as part of their extended family network, and this is paramount to their success.

"Over the years of nurturing our relationships with our clients, we call them our real estate family,” says Andrew.

Andrew and Jill are now at the stage in their careers where they have gotten to know, grow with, and work with past clients and their now multigenerational families. 

The opportunity to support the next generation in their real estate opportunities demonstrates the level of comfort and sense of trust the Hasmans have established in their client relationships over the decades. For both Andrew and Jill, this is what they see as a full circle experience.

“We love to be there from start to finish and to help somebody to the point where we hand them the keys to their new home,” says Andrew. “It's incredibly rewarding for us to see the whole process carry out.” 

Andrew Hasman & Associates is featured in the 2021 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine.