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B.C. university is the only institution in the Interior to offer these two unique engineering programs

Thompson Rivers University offers students in Vancouver the opportunity to gain crucial knowledge and skills to enter the workforce while maintaining a lifeline to home
The Thompson Rivers University campus in Kamloops, B.C.

For students beginning their post-secondary journey, there is a fusion of feelings associated with entering this new chapter: excitement, anxiety, eagerness, apprehension – you’re leaving the familiarity and routine of high school and emerging from your cozy, comfortable cocoon. 

Now, it’s time to spread your wings. 

Amid the uncertainty, you can find comfort in the chaos by realizing you’re not alone. While this new stage of life can be daunting, it’s a common rite of passage that many can relate to. Thompson Rivers University (TRU) offers an ideal balance by providing the caring comforts of home and the promising potential of new opportunities to ease the minds of both parents and students.

Its location in Kamloops, B.C., offers a perfect compromise for Vancouver parents and their children. It’s close enough for frequent visits, while providing students with heightened independence and room to grow. 

New and exciting programs coming to TRU in 2024

Much like its students, TRU and its programs continue to progress and adapt to today’s changing world and industrial landscapes. This commitment to forward-looking development leads to the creation of an evolving and comprehensive curriculum that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue excellence academically, professionally and personally. 

One such addition is the new Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, launching in Sept. 2024. This five-year program strives to address the growing demand for engineers across technology sectors while providing students with a broad background in the theory and application of hardware and software technologies. 

Computer engineering opens the doors to a wide assortment of career choices, ranging from the data analysis, health-care, telecommunications and automotive fields to video game and app development. With an ever-increasing list of products and services that rely on hardware and software to function, this program gives students a unique advantage by equipping them with diverse knowledge and skill sets to help them stand out in the job market. 

Not to mention, the material itself is incredibly cool and the smaller class sizes allow students more immediate access to their professors. 

“In terms of the significance of computer engineering, anyone who has that skill set will have more job opportunities,” says Interim Associate Vice-President Academic at TRU, Faheem Ahmed. “This discipline appeals to students and stands out in a market with emerging technologies.”

In addition to establishing a strong foundation of academics and theory, the program also comprises a mandatory one-year co-operative placement following the third year of study. Students receive hands-on experience and valuable insights, get paid to learn and establish networking opportunities prior to graduation — all of which better positions them to enter the workforce. 

TRU already offers a Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering, which focuses on establishing expertise in the software engineering field. With the introduction of the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering, TRU is the only post-secondary institution to offer both programs in the B.C. Interior. 

The Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering launches in Sept. 2024, to meet the rising demand for tech engineers with comprehensive theory and practical skills. Photo via: TRU.

Kamloops is close to home while offering room to grow  

Jumping into university life can be a scary endeavour not just for students, but their parents as well. Kamloops is an ideal location for both, offering parents in Vancouver the opportunity to visit via plane ride in just under an hour, or a roughly four-hour road trip.

The distance also provides enough breathing room for students to forge a fresh start, meet new people and indulge in their newfound independence. 

Kamloops also offers an escape from Raincouver, having the third lowest annual rainfall in all of Canada and beaming with over 2,000 hours of sunshine annually. 

On top of the convincing climate appeal, Kamloops also has a significantly lower cost of living than larger B.C. cities while still providing immediate access to nature and outdoor activities, including skiing, hiking and more when you need a study break.

Are you ready to take the next step? Learn more about the new Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering program and others by visiting