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11 fitness studios offering MASSIVE savings on classes, personal training, and yoga in Vancouver

We’ve partnered with Vancouver’s best gyms, yoga studios, treatments, and personal trainers to highlight special offers, introductory rates and discounts that help you get started on everything you want to accomplish in 2020.
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2020 is officially here, which means it’s time to tackle those resolutions!

Every year, Vancouverites start the year with the intention of becoming the best version of themselves, but this is the year to actually get it done. To help you save money and get fit, we’ve partnered with Vancouver’s best gyms, yoga studios, and personal trainers to highlight special offers, introductory rates, and discounts that help you get started on everything you want to accomplish in 2020.

Shift Power Yoga - $25 Unlimited Intro Pass 

Shift Power Yoga

There’s a brand new yoga studio in town! At Shift Yoga, you are invited to be a part of something a little different. Beyond yoga poses and stretching, Shift offers you an opportunity to be inspired to live BIG. Their team of passionate and dedicated teachers has created a community of acceptance, belonging, and extraordinary living that you’ll feel from the moment you step into the studio. Shift Power Yoga teaches Baptiste Power Yoga, which is designed to empower you with the focus, training, and insight you need to achieve consistent results in the most important areas of your life. A potent physical yoga practice, meditation, and active self-inquiry are used as tools of transformation, encouraging students to reclaim their full potential, discover creativity, awaken passion, and create authenticity, confidence and new possibilities. As the only Baptiste Affiliate studio in Vancouver, Shift’s ultimate goal is to ignite and empower you beyond your perceived limitations. Shift is currently offering discounts on 3, 6 and 12-month unlimited passes, plus a 2-week unlimited pass that’s just $25 for new members. No experience necessary. Come as you are, not as you think you should be!

Altitude Performance & Health - 10 Multi-Baric Sessions for $95 

Altitiude Health

Would you consider yourself an athlete or non-athlete? Altitude Performance & Health can help either way as they’re proud to be the first location in Canada with the world's first multi-baric pods. Using precise and continuous changes in air pressure, these unique multi-baric pods, by CVAC Systems, can help to increase energy, strength, and stamina by naturally increasing cellular oxygenation. You’ll also experience the added benefit of lymphatic system circulation and drainage for total body improvement and recovery. This will help decrease inflammation, chronic pain,  and aid in recovering from injuries, surgeries, and many other issues you may be dealing with. Athletes won't get winded, will recoup faster, and will compete with more strength and power. Plus, there are no side-effects. So, leave the excuses in 2019 and spend this year feeling energized and AWESOME!

Elite Performance Fitness - 3 Intro Classes for $59

Elite Performance Fitness

Elite Performance is downtown Vancouver’s choice for elite-level fitness, strength training, physique transformation and small group exercise. Their extraordinarily popular Powerfit class has received 5,000+ reviews on Class Pass, resulting in an outstanding 4.9/5 rating. Powerfit class is designed to combine strength training with energy systems development. “Strength training in a group environment is the fastest-growing group exercise format In Vancouver. It’s safe and effective for long term health and body composition changes” says Lance Barrett, head trainer at Elite Performance. Regularly attending participants can expect body fat reduction, increase in lean body mass, improved aerobic and anaerobic capacity and an increase in strength. Best of all, these classes are not intimidating at all, as Elite Performance fosters an environment of mutual respect amongst coaches and all class participants, regardless of fitness or skill level. Those new to Elite Performance Fitness can attend their first three classes (including Powerfit) for just $59.

RIDE CYCLE CLUB - 3 Classes for $30

Ride Cycle Club

RIDE CYCLE CLUB is a full-body workout designed to reboot and strengthen both your mind and body. When the lights go out and the beat drops, you are in for a unique 50 min experience that allows you to escape the outside world. For January, RIDE CYCLE CLUB is offering an intro package for new riders to drive 2020 goals into action - 3 classes for $30. RIDE CYCLE CLUB has 3 locations in Vancouver; Kits, Yaletown, and North Vancouver. Each studio has its own unique schedule so you can always find time to RIDE. To purchase and book your bike, visit RIDE in-studio or check them out online HERE.

Studeo - 8-Week Fitness Challenge

Studeo After Photo

Starting this month, Studeo will launch its annual transformation challenge. The 8-week challenge (January 20 - March 20) is a group effort approach to achieving all of your fitness goals in 2020. During the program, participants will receive access to two months of unlimited fitness classes, plus gym access to help you realize all your fitness goals. Once you've signed up, you’ll also receive before and after photos and, body composition scans, a personalized nutrition program and an introduction to the different support methods available to you during the 2 months period. The challenge costs just $400 and the male and female participants with the greatest overall transformations will be awarded $7,000 CASH. There are plenty of other prizes to be one, check out all the details HERE.

TurnFit Personal Trainers LTD - $33 Personal Training Assessment

Turnfit Personal Training

This is where New Year’s resolutions go to be conquered! TurnFit personal trainers have repeatedly dominated the Vancouver area in top reviews and just won Top Choice Award for personal trainers in Vancouver for the second row in a year. That’s likely because they are passionate about what they do, and that passion extends beyond creating custom workout routines. In your first visit, you’ll undergo a muscle quality/range of motion assessment to help pinpoint muscle imbalances and create a custom plan suited to your body and your goals. There are no fads or trends, just positive attitudes and great workouts backed by fact-based preparation.

David Turnbull, the owner of TurnFit Personal Trainers, is offering a personal training assessment for just $33 (plus tax) with 100% of the proceeds going to Heart and Stroke Foundation in honour of his Mother. The first session includes a full-body assessment, nutrition/workout game planning and 1-month free online coaching ($270 value). Turnfit also offers group bootcamp training and customized online training programs for those who plan to be particularly busy in 2020. Let's face it, you can either settle for the same results by continuing on the path you're on, or you can find out if all the reviews are true and dominate your goals this year with TurnFit. You can learn more about booking your $33 assessment HERE. If you can't wait to get started, you can find them on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram today.

T-Squared Personal Training - 1st Session is Free (4 additional sessions for $99)


Your fitness goals are as unique as your body. At T-Squared Vancouver Personal Training, you can expect to exceed your goals with the workouts and personalized attention you won't get anywhere else... And that’s not the only thing you won’t find elsewhere. In addition to affordable 1-on-1 training and small group fitness classes, T-Squared offers Gravity Training, a fun, low impact, high-intensity full-body workout, that will have your body working muscles you never even knew existed (so said our colleague who tried it last week). GRAVITY produces visibly quick results because GTS® forces all of the five components of fitness into one gymnastics like a workout. Nearly every exercise recruits the stabilizer muscles of the full-body, working several muscle groups at the same time, which decreases the time it takes to fatigue the muscles, making the workout more efficient and effective while leaving you feeling energized. If you’re big on goals and short on time, T-Squared could be the full-body solution that will make 2020 your best year yet.

Movement108 - First Class is FREE


Movement108 is an intimate training studio focused on helping clients develop mobility, stability, and strength – all while fostering a greater understanding of how healthy bodies move. From the get-go, Movement108 has been a place to experiment and learn. Their underlying focus is to provide a balanced approach to health and wellness that empowers our clients to achieve their true potential and move through life with confidence. Movement108 is the place to come for you to find balance and strength in your body for those out of gym activities you love. Can’t make it into the studio, but want to see how you can improve your movement? Check Movement108 out with the movr app and do your own Movement Assessment from the comfort of your own home.

VIP Fitness & Lifestyle - First Time Visitors Receive Two Classes for the Price of 1

VIP Fitness

VIP Fitness & Lifestyle is a boutique fitness and wellness studio specializing in complete body and lifestyle transformations. They offer a state-of-the-art transformation program along with all-inclusive packages and memberships that provide access to a wide variety of wellness services. VIP Fitness & Lifestyle values the importance of living a balanced lifestyle in all aspects of one's life, which is why they choose to teach their clients how to build healthy habits and sustain them through the challenges that life offers. This approach is based on the concepts of inclusivity and community as VIP offers an all-in-one stop for physical and emotional improvement. VIP aims for their club to be a place for clients to come and better their lives, whether that means working out with elite personal trainers, group fitness instructors, nutrition counseling, lifestyle/mindset coaching, recovery services including massage and fascial stretch therapy or attending one of their regular community events.

VIP is currently expanding and will soon offer two stunning boutique fitness class studios. One studio is a light, airy yoga, pilates, barre fitness & dance space that has glowlit baseboards and drop ceiling along with a beautiful living wall. The other studio will be a darker circuit based space (think turf, heavy bags, TRX, Assault bikes and more). VIP will also be offering Circuit Classes, Strength Classes, Fighting Conditioning, Pilates, Barre, Booty, Meditation, and a variety of Yoga classes. First-time visitors can receive two classes for the price of 1 and until Feb 1 VIP is offering a PRESALE that is $50/ month off any of their VIP Unlimited Class Memberships! Until Feb 29, new clients who sign up for a Private Lifestyle Membership will also receive a complimentary Nutrition Basics Session & Mindset Conditioning Session.

iDance Vancouver - First Class $10 + 30 Day Unlimited Pass for $85

iDance Vancouver

iDance is an inclusive dance studio that encourages, empowers and entertains the dancer in everyone. Classes are beginner-friendly and make for a fantastic workout. Not only will you learn some super fun dance routines in styles like Hip Hop, and Ballet, but you’ll also be welcomed by the studio’s empowering, community-minded atmosphere. iDance aims to welcome and celebrate all people, no matter what their age, gender or ability level may be. In fact, iDance currently has a client base that ranges up to 82 years young! If you want to make sure you actually enjoy accomplishing this year’s resolutions, be sure to drop-in at iDance Mount Pleasant or Kitsilano location. Your first class at the studio is $10, after we offer new dancers a 30 Day Unlimited pass for $85! Allowing you to sample as many classes as you like and fall in love with dancing!

Function Health Club - 57% off 28 Day Fitness Transformation Package 


If you’re like most people, the start of the new decade feels like an opportunity to REALLY make some positive changes. To help you kick off the decade right,  the team at Function Health Club is offering huge savings on their 28 Day Fitness Transformation Package! The package includes 6 Personal Training sessions, unlimited gym access, and unlimited access to their highly-rated group classes. With awesome class names like It’s a HIIT, Lunge My A$$ Off and more, you’ll also receive guidance, accountability, and motivation from the amazing Function Health Club team. Regularly priced at $699, this package is now available for just $299. From beginners to athletes, this challenge is intended for anyone that wants to make real, long-lasting progress. So are you ready to find out how much you can change in 28 days?