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BEEF up your meal prep with these quick and easy recipes that will give you the BEST leftovers

These ‘cook once, eat twice’ recipes from Canada Beef will optimize your time in the kitchen AND provide savoury meals for days!
BEEF up your leftovers!

When the kitchen fatigue sets in, try implementing intentional leftovers into your meal prepping!

Intentional leftovers are leftovers that you plan ahead for by creating subsequent meals out of a single recipe. Through this smart cooking strategy, you don’t have to cook as often, allowing you to utilize your weekly groceries further. Or, in other words — cook once, eat twice!

Beef is one of the best ingredients for making intentional leftovers. There's no lack of variety when it comes to this versatile protein, which can be grilled, braised, roasted, and even slow cooked. Paired with sides such as leafy greens, lentils, couscous, potatoes, and more, beef is the anchor to many healthy plates.

These recipes from Canada Beef are designed to be made ahead, portioned, stored, and repurposed to make for easy meals later on.

Cracked Pepper and Horseradish Crusted Oven Roast with Gravy. Photo: Canada Beef.

Oven Roast Beef is a classic style of beef prep, which can be served with gravy and other delicious trimmings. 

Roasts take just under two hours to prep and cook and yield 8 servings, making it quick, filling, and great for smaller meals. There are so many different ways to use leftover roast beef, such as making beef-wrapped appetizer bites for a savoury snack, or slicing into strips to use as a shortcut for your favourite stir-fry. You can also try this Quick Beef Pot Pie or Beef and Barley Soup to please the whole family. 

Big Batch Beef. Photo: Canada Beef.

As its name suggests, Big Batch Beef gives you more bang for your buck — and plate!

Taking just a little over half an hour to fully prepare, Big Batch Beef is not only a speedy dinner solution, but a generous one that offers 10 total servings.

A scoop of leftover beef can be used in simple and delicious recipes such as Beef Provolone Pizza, Pasta Florentine Bake, and Tortilla Beef Pie.

Ground beef also comes with a nutrition bonus too. Add in healthy ingredients such as diced sweet pepper, grated carrot, onions, and garlic to sneak in some veggies.

To preserve the leftovers, all you need to do is loosen the beef mixture into chunks and scoop meal-sized portions into freezer bags. Ground beef leftovers can be frozen for up to 3 months.

South-Western Pulled Beef. Photo: Canada Beef.

For as little prep work as possible, this recipe for slow-cooked South-Western Pulled Beef will be ready by the time you wrap up your work day!

Taking just 10 minutes to prep and yielding 12 servings, this large roast will give you enough leftovers for several lunch or dinner options. From Quesadillas and Tacos to Mexican Shepherd's Pie and Hot Beef Sandwiches, the pulled beef possibilities are endless!

Through the ‘cook once, eat twice’ cooking method, you will have plenty of meals ready to go throughout the week. It’s the meal planning solution that works!

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