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Discover your active family adventure at Decathlon Vancouver

Decathlon’s flagship B.C. store in Metrotown is now open
Decathlon offers the best gear at the best prices across more than 60 sports.

Your jog takes you under the foot of the Lions Gate Bridge and around the horn of the Stanley Park Seawall. The North Shore mountains are to the right, majestic Vancouver Island is in front of you and the sun-kissed Pacific Ocean is on either side.

This is the image of active living on B.C.’s south coast.

Whether it’s for pleasure or competition, solo or with your family, Decathlon is with you across all pursuits of physical wellness.

The new Decathlon location in Metrotown is the marquee starting point for families to gather and embrace the spirit of sport across the region.

Celebrating sport for over 40 years

The new Decathlon location in Metrotown provides families a place to gather and embrace the spirit of sport across the region. Photo via: Decathlon.

Though its new location is a first for B.C., Decathlon has been around since 1976 – this is a brand committed to designing, manufacturing and offering the best gear at the best prices across more than 60 sports: cycling, winter and water sports, camping and hiking, running, tennis and racket sports, combat sports and so much more. 

At Decathlon, there is an intrinsic belief that the right sports gear and equipment can make all the difference. A proudly family-run business, the team at Decathlon focuses on innovation to ensure products are convenient, comfortable and safe.

As a designer, manufacturer and distributor of products for the sports and activities you love, this allows control over both quality and price. And because Decathlon controls its own supply chain, the brand is able to rigorously maintain quality while also ensuring affordability.

Gear for every time of year in Vancouver

Decathlon is with you across all pursuits of physical wellness. Photo via: Decathlon.

Perhaps your two-wheeled pursuits take you to Granville Island for ice cream, or a stunning beachside ride spanning Kitsilano, Jericho and Spanish Banks beaches. This is where Decathlon’s top-quality bicycles and cycling gear have you covered across iconic name brands such as Van Rysel, Rockrider, Btwin and more.

Or maybe it’s high time to run through Pacific Spirit Regional Park, Decathlon can outfit you from top to bottom: Kiprun, Kalenji or Evadict shoes to soothe your soles; trail running hydration vests to power you through and windbreakers, gloves and leggings to keep the inevitable ‘Raincouver’ at bay.

And whether it’s a summer league contest, a family kick around, or a friendly game in one of Vancouver's many parks, Decathlon’s breadth of soccer gear is unmatched. Soccer is an accessible and convenient sport for all ages and Decathlon gets you on the pitch with virtually everything needed when the first whistle blows: cleats, soccer balls, nets and goals, goalie gloves, shin pads and equipment bags.

If team sports aren’t your cup of tea, then Decathlon is stocked full of items for perhaps the most quintessential Vancouver pursuit imaginable: yoga. This is where Decathlon's comfortable and durable yoga mats, blocks and apparel are perfect for embracing mindfulness and relaxation in the serene surroundings of Queen Elizabeth Park or on the pristine banks of Third Beach.

These are just a few of the offerings spread across more than 60 sports available at Decathlon.

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