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This Fraser Valley area orthodontist in Surrey and Langley keeps patients proudly smiling

Dr. Aly Kanani of Guildford Orthodontic Centre and Langley Orthodontics is featured in the 2024 Profiles of Excellence magazine
Dr. Aly Kanani.

“I wanted to be that beacon of hope and bring back those genuine smiles,” says Dr. Aly Kanani, referring to why he chose the career he did. “Orthodontics was not just about aligning teeth for me; it was about restoring confidence and happiness in one's life.”

In 2006, Dr. Kanani embarked on his journey as an orthodontist. “My passion for orthodontics sparked during my early academic years as well as being an orthodontic patient myself. Also, seeing close family and friends struggle with self-confidence due to misaligned teeth made me realize how a simple smile could profoundly impact one's self-worth.”

The orthodontic teams at Guildford Orthodontic Centre and Langley Orthodontics, the two offices Dr. Kanani practices in, believe they change lives one smile at a time. The orthodontic offices have a strong focus on working with children and teens; Invisalign and clear braces are popular choices made by the parents who want to provide their kids the best and most comfortable options in ortho-care. The results are often so dramatic and positive for their children that those parents opt in for adult braces themselves.

Dr. Aly Kanani at the Langley Orthodontics office. Photo: Kevin Hill and Lisa King/ TwinLens Photography

Dr. Kanani has enjoyed his lengthy career, sharing in the success of corrective orthodontist care with his patients, and one particular past experience truly summed it all up, and reinforced that he indeed made the right career choice. “A few years ago, I had the privilege of treating a young teenager named Sarah,” he says. “She was exceptionally shy and would often cover her mouth while speaking, trying to hide her misaligned teeth. Over the course of her treatment, not only did her teeth transform, but so did her personality.”

He went further to explain, “the day we removed her braces, she looked in the mirror and tears welled up in her eyes. She told me that she never imagined she'd feel this confident and beautiful. A few months later, she returned to my clinic, sharing a video of her participating in a school debate competition, speaking confidently in front of a large audience. Witnessing her metamorphosis from a reserved teenager to a self-assured young adult reassured me that I'm indeed in the right profession. It's moments like these that truly underscore the impact we can have on individuals' lives.”

Not only do orthodontics improve smiles, but they vastly improve dental health, which of course impacts our overall wellbeing, both physical and emotional. Confidence is boosted. Self-esteem is improved. And for parents of kids, the peace of mind that comes with knowing they made a choice for their kids that will impact them now, and as they grow into adults, is enormous.

“Every time a patient looks in the mirror after their treatment and breaks into a radiant, confident smile, I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment,” says Dr. Kanani. “Knowing that I played a role in that transformation, not just aesthetically but emotionally, brings immense satisfaction. The joy and gratitude expressed by both children and adults, along with the heartfelt thanks from parents, is an emotion that's truly unparalleled.”