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Here’s everything you need to know about taking Continuing Studies at Canada’s #1 university for Art and Design

Through flexible and comprehensive art and design courses, Emily Carr University’s Continuing Studies program engages students of all skill levels in taking the next step in their professional and personal growth.
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Continuing studies at ECU.

An art and design education can help you think of new ways to solve problems, express yourself, and interact with the world. 

Whether you have an interest in learning a new creative practice or are rethinking your career path, consider investing in yourself by enrolling in Continuing Studies at Emily Carr University (ECU) this summer. 

Through continuing studies programs at ECU, you can achieve your personal and professional goals through developing your creative vision and technical skills. 

From learning how to paint to learning how to create a website, there is something new to learn for everyone.

Photo: Emily Carr University.


The multi-generational makeup of students at ECU proves that no matter what stage you are at in life, learning opportunities are there for the taking.

From twenty-something professionals making a career switch to the creative and digital fields, to hobbyists into their 70s taking individual courses with the university over decades, students of all ages can enhance their skill sets and develop their portfolios through online courses, workshops, and intensives, instructed by award-winning artists and designers.

Students can take art and design courses in the following subjects:

  • Communication Design
  • Drawing
  • Fine Arts 
  • Illustration
  • Industrial Design
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Print Media
  • Professional Practice + Theory + History
  • Software + Web Design
  • UX/UI Design

Artists as young as 12 can participate in ECU’s programs for youth and teens, so they can explore and cultivate their interests and skills in art and design. The programs also offer excellent preparation for post-secondary education and future careers.

Teen Programs at ECU’s Continuing Studies provide an accessible and engaging art and design experience for creative youth from ages 15-18 across all levels of experience. Courses and workshops for teens range from Communication Design to Life Drawing. ECU also offers a two-week Junior Art Intensive program exploring 2D and 3D art-making and an immersive one-month Summer Institute for Teens.

Photo: Emily Carr University.


As more businesses and organizations across all industries transition online, there is an increasing demand for skilled workers to design and build digital products and services that effectively engage users. 

ECU offers a ton of web + digital design courses to help you develop the creative skill sets that employers today are looking for.

Those interested in digital design and developing their digital literacy can take introductory courses in working within the suite of Adobe Creative Cloud software for design, including Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. In these classes, students will learn core skills for photo and digital image editing, digital illustration and drawing, and formatting page layouts.

ECU’s Introductory and Intermediate-level Web Design courses will teach students the fundamental skills for website design, including basic coding effective across multiple browsers and devices, and producing bandwidth-friendly graphics, and creating responsive, complex web applications. 

Through their introductory WordPress course, students can learn how to build a website on the most popular content management system, whether for improving a website for their organization or for building their own personal website.

In today’s job market, proficiency in Adobe CC, WordPress, and web design are required or recommended for positions in marketing, communications, events coordination, graphic design and more for all industries.

Start building your web and digital design toolkit and open up a world of job opportunities!

Photo: Emily Carr University.


At ECU, students can take control of customizing their own learning pathway that grows with their career.

Emily Carr’s flexible certificate programs allow you to choose the path to further education that works for you, with flexible programs to fit your schedule and meet your needs. 

Within ECU’s diverse set of online learning options, students can choose from dozens of individual courses and workshops, so you can try something new and add to your skillset.

ECU students can pursue the full-time certificate program in User Experience (UX) Design and Communication Design to gain the creative and technical skills required to transition or enhance their career and enter industry job-ready.

If you prefer to study at your own pace, part-time certificate programs are available, so you can take individual courses and follow a certificate pathway in your chosen discipline at your own pace.

The Continuing Studies program at ECU offers low-barrier access to education. To register for adult courses, students need to be 18+ and have a high school diploma. Additionally, course costs when compared to competitors are more affordable, with tuition fees set below $1000 and as low as $212.

Be a part of Emily Carr’s exciting learning community and get started on expanding your knowledge, developing your creative vision, and growing your artistic skill sets!

Emily Carr University’s Continuing Studies courses and workshops are available online. For program information, visit

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