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Experience BIG adventures this summer at this GIGANTIC inflatable water park in the Lower Mainland!

Open every day all summer, Harrison Watersports is the place to be for fun on the water! From bumper boats to BBQ boats, you can make a splash and have the time of your life on Harrison Lake.
Harrison Watersports Water Park

What’s the best way to stay cool during these hot days of summer? Go on a local adventure out on the water!

An hour and a half drive away from Vancouver, Harrison Watersports is a must-visit attraction on Harrison Lake — namely because there’s no way you can miss the gigantic inflatable water park that’s right on the water! 

Perfect for a day trip or an overnight stay, it’s the Fraser Valley’s destination for playtime, adventure, relaxation, and an overall good time together with your family and friends! 

You can embark on a variety of water adventures during your day trip or overnight stay at Harrison Watersports.

Harrison Watersports Water Park. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


Without a doubt, the massive and brightly-coloured inflatable floating water park is a must see attraction at Harrison Watersports!

You’ll get into endless fun and play at this gigantic bouncing playground, which is designed like an obstacle course with hamster balls, monkey bars, swings, slides, trampolines, and other amusements.

Take a jump onto the Blob, a giant inflatable cushion that will launch you right up in the sky and down into a big splash landing into the lake.

Bumper Boats. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


Floating bumper boats are like the evolved version of bumper cars — plus it’s way more fun to get into a water fight on the lake!

Powered by an electric motor, each of Harrison Watersports’ individual bumper boats come equipped with an electric water gun that can spray your opponents from up to 10 feet away. 

Of course, you can also opt to float around and soak in the peaceful vibes of the open lake on a lazy summer afternoon if that’s more your speed.

See-Doos. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


For individuals wanting to experience an adrenaline rush ride on one of Harrison Watersports’ high-speed personal Sea-Doos on the open waters. 

You and a partner can jet ski around Harrison Lake on these GTI models, equipped with 130-HP engines that propel the watercraft at over 90 kph. 

Choose to revel in the speediness of the vessel or explore Echo Island and the beauty that surrounds at your leisure.

Floating BBQ Boats. Photo: Harrison Watersports.


Summertime is all about picnic time outdoors! At Harrison Lake, you can experience an unforgettable picnic with your group by renting one of Harrison Watersports’ floating BBQ boats

Included with your BBQ boat rental are a bluetooth speaker sound system, a large shade umbrella, swim ladder, life jackets, and safety equipment. As for food, you can choose between bringing in take-out from a local restaurant or having a cook-out on the boat’s grill. Also, don’t forget to bring your own cooler and sunscreen!

Harrison Watersports Water Park is in operation daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. until September 6th. 

Guests are encouraged to book 2-hour time slots in advance online through