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Here’s why the Vancouver Canadians are still the most fun (and affordable) ticket in town

The Vancouver Canadians promise another season of 3ft long hot dogs, sushi races, and ultra-comforting baseball charm. At only $20 a ticket it remains the best deal in town for 73 years and counting
The Vancouver Canadians have provided a fun-loving, family-friendly atmosphere for over 70 years.

If you ever yearn for a simpler time, you’re not alone.

As the world continues to feel increasingly topsy-turvy, we’re all searching for a little comfort and familiarity to make us feel at ease. Fortunately for us in Vancouver, there’s one place we can always go that feels just as good as it did decades ago.

Nat Bailey Stadium.

Ripe with old-school ballpark nostalgia, the Vancouver Canadians have been bringing smiles to the faces of countless fans for 70+ years thanks to a mesmerizing concoction of high-level baseball, next-level food and a family-friendly atmosphere that can’t be beat. The vibes at the Nat are so good, in fact, that the New York Times described watching a Canadians’ game as “heaven” just a year ago. 

Thankfully, the 2024 season is poised to be its best yet, as the Canadians are offering fans more reasons than ever to spend a day at the ballpark.

Serving up another sensational season at Nat Bailey Stadium

Fans can anticipate the best season yet at Nat Bailey Stadium. Photo via: Vancouver Canadians.

This year’s schedule is serving up some seriously awesome add-ons at every game, including fireworks, food, 33 nights featuring gate giveaways, appearances by baseball legends and charitable initiatives that raise money for organizations like Covenant House Vancouver, Canuck Place, Coast Mental Health, Make-A-Wish Canada and more. On top of these, fans can participate in the team’s partners’ “RBC We Care Wednesdays.” 

Best of all, Canadians’ tickets remain just $20, making it easy for families to enjoy all the festivities rather than just one game.

While the promotions are great, there’s still plenty to see on the diamond as well. As the last remaining Minor League Baseball team in Canada, and one of the 120 minor league baseball clubs across the continent that recently signed on to develop players for the MLB, Vancouver Canadians’ baseball is quite literally better than ever. At the end of the day, baseball at Nat Bailey is about more than just sports;  the mood is light, the crowd is fun and the setting is gorgeous, and we haven’t even told you about the food!

Beyond peanuts & Cracker Jack’s

The open-air stadium invites fans to come for the baseball and stay for the old-school nostalgia and good vibes. Photo via: Vancouver Canadians.

In addition to the ball park’s infamous 3ft long hot dog, Nat Bailey is known for its playful and endlessly satisfying take on stadium fare, including home-base-sized pretzels and plenty of options for vegan and vegetarian diets. You can even eat sushi while cheering on your favourite roll! A fan-favourite Canadians’ tradition, the Sushi Races take place at the top of every 4th inning, featuring larger-than-life sushi mascots racing around the pitch as fans cheer them on.

With their retro scoreboards, old-school bleachers and classic ballpark charm, watching the Canadians play is like comfort-watching your favourite show – with 6,500 other fans in tow. It’s wholesome, it’s silly and it’s a type of fun we could all use more of these days.

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