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Your dog deserves the best! Here’s the dish about Canada’s largest fresh dog food delivery service

Kabo’s human-grade and locally-sourced fresh dog food has numerous health benefits for your furry best friend.
Fresh dog food delivery. Photo: Kabo

Want to change up the contents of your dog’s dinner bowl to something of higher quality and with positive health impacts for your pet? Then try this alternative diet as tested by Stacey R. and her best friend!

Henry, our beloved 9 year old Boxer dog, had spent his entire life eating the exact same dried kibble twice a day. As he started to age, he began to have stomach issues, causing him to not tolerate foods, have loose poops, and breath that could kill. I knew I had to find a better solution for my sweet boy.

Then I discovered Kabo, a Canadian fresh dog food company, rated 4.9/5 on TrustPilot by over 200 reviewers, that in the past year has delivered over 190,000 meals across the country.

As Canada’s biggest fresh dog food brand, Kabo offers 100% Canadian dog food with locally-sourced ingredients from Ontario and B.C. farms. By using human-grade meat and produce, dogs will get all of the nutrients they require without any of the harmful additives and chemicals found in other highly-processed commercial kibble options on the market.

I went to Kabo’s website and in under a minute, I filled out a questionnaire about Henry. Kabo asked about his weight, breed, sex, activity level, and what his current body type is like. Kabo uses this information to personalize meals to suit your dog’s exact needs. This is even good for the pickiest of eaters. From there, they offer pre-portioned meals for daily feeding.

I was immediately provided with Henry’s optimal daily calories and meal options. There was a selection of beef, chicken, or variety when it comes to the food packs.

I was really impressed with how Kabo formulates their meals. Kabo is the only fresh dog food brand that lab tests every meal to make sure it’s 100% safe to eat. The company even has an in-house nutritionist to make sure each recipe is formulated to pet food standards, guaranteeing that each meal is full and complete. 

To ensure quality and careful handling of food, Kabo prepares all of their ingredients by hand versus machinery. The food is slowly cooked at low temperatures to maintain its nutrient content. Once the process is completed, food is immediately packaged and frozen to preserve freshness.

Corgi eating dog food. Photo: Kabo

To provide even more convenience during these unprecedented times, Kabo offers dog food delivery service directly to your doorstep. In fact, they’re the only dog food brand within Canada that is offering free shipping, making things even more convenient - no pickup needed!

When I first opened the box, the food was well-insulated to keep the food cold during transport. The meals were pre-portioned for Henry’s daily feeding in neat little packages. This meant I was not responsible for measuring out Henry’s food everyday, making my life much easier!

I was pleasantly surprised by how easily the Kabo food packs could be stored with minimal space used in the freezer. Kabo goes even further to provide you with a clip for your food once opened to keep it neatly stored in your fridge. So far I was sold on this seamless process.

I have to admit I was really nervous to transition Henry to Kabo fresh dog food. His stomach had been so sensitive and I did not want new food to cause these issues to flare. Kabo really did everything to make me feel prepared, confident, and reassured in this process with 24/7 support, unlike anything I’ve experienced before. I was given clear instructions on how to transition from kibble to Kabo fresh dog food, increasing the amount of Kabo and decreasing the amount of kibble each day, Henry was successfully transitioned after about a week. And I am pleased to report that Henry didn’t experience any new stomach issues during his transition.

Henry hasn’t always been a dog that would eat anything. It was hard to find food that at his age and sensitivity that he could enjoy and was good for him too. My dog would often take a really long time to eat, he was no longer motivated by food and sometimes wouldn’t finish his meal. As soon as we started incorporating Kabo into Henry’s meals, he was licking the bowl clean, except for one small problem. He did not want to eat any other food after trying his Kabo meals! 

And best believe that when it came to every morning and dinner time, he was sitting ready and excited for his meals – something he hasn’t done since he was a pup. 

Savoury Chicken Recipe. Photo: Kabo

It had been about two weeks since initiating Kabo that we really started to notice changes in Henry. He had a lot more energy, his coat looked shinier, his digestion improved, and his poops were much more regular and firm (making walks more enjoyable for everyone). 

However, the biggest compliment Henry consistently received since starting Kabo was, “why does his breath smell so good now and how did we do it?” Henry was happy he could give his favourite people kisses again!

Is Kabo more expensive than traditional kibble? Absolutely. Was it hard to make the decision to change my dog's trusted diet? Yes. Would I ever go back to regular kibble? No. 

Kabo made this transition seamless and provided me with the confidence to provide this to my dog. My 9 year old boxer has never looked better. Plus if you can’t afford the full meals, they have an option for toppers which are a quarter of the regular portion and add some Kabo to their diet to get some of the amazing health benefits of fresh food.

Savoury Chicken Recipe. Photo: Kabo

Here are a couple more reasons why I love this company.

For additional flexibility, you have the ability to skip, pause, cancel, and switch up your dog’s subscription meal plan at any time.

Additionally, Kabo is always trying to give back to the pet community. During the peak of COVID-19 outbreak, they offered free virtual vet visits because they found pet owners across Canada were anxious over not being able to reach their vets during a time of need.

If you’re interested in trying Kabo out, you can use the code ‘VAN50’ for 50% off your first Kabo box.

Feeding your pet well is the best approach to ensuring that your furry companion lives a long, happy, and healthy life! Plus, doesn’t your best friend deserve the very best?

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