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This experienced realtor specializes in Metro Vancouver’s heritage stock

Lori Fralic is featured in the 2022 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine.
Lori Fralic

Choosing the right realtor is very personal. For many sellers, finding a good fit with an individual or team who ultimately represents you, and your biggest asset, is crucial. 

“You need to be a great communicator with a thorough understanding of the property you’re selling and the community it’s in,” says Lori Fralic, Realtor with Keller Williams Realty VanCentral. 

Fralic specializes in Metro Vancouver’s heritage stock, selling everything from Victorian-era homes to stately Edwardians to and from mid-century moderns to new custom-builds.

“We work everywhere,” Fralic says of her and business partner Leslie Gray, with presence in several B.C. real estate markets from New Westminster to Burnaby, and from Vancouver to the Sunshine Coast.

Having worked at the same brokerage, she and Gray were both asked to co-list a property together and realized they shared an affection for historic and character homes, having both lived in and renovated heritage homes in New Westminster. They bonded over living in early 1900s homes themselves and a soft spot for the TLC involved in buying, selling, renovating, and maintaining houses with a history. 

In her twenty-year career working for The Vancouver Sun and The Province newspapers in marketing, promotions, and as an editor and writer in the homes and design sections of both the Vancouver Sun and The Province, plus WestCoast Homes + Design magazine, Fralic worked with developers, designers, landscapers, and architects throughout B.C.

Moving over to the real estate world seemed like a natural progression, and the inside edge of her deep knowledge of all the moving parts means she can bring that value to her clients.

The late Shelley Fralic, long-time columnist and editor at the Vancouver Sun, was Lori’s mother-in-law, and was instrumental in nudging her along to make the move into real estate. 

“She was my hero. She was a mentor, my biggest cheerleader, and my biggest fan,” says Fralic. “She taught me so much and we talked often about homes and how they are more than just structures. She once said, ‘this is the house that will always be your home, no matter where you go, the physical vault that is the echo chamber of your life.’

“Recognizing that moving is more than just a change of address is paramount,” says Fralic. “It’s so important to connect with clients and to let them know that you’re with them every step of the way. Whether they’re downsizing or upsizing, clients want to know you’re doing everything you can on their behalf to make the process a smooth and rewarding one.”

Fralic has evolved into a dedicated realtor with a client-centric approach, saying “my clients tell me that I have the ability to help people see the possibility in any home. I help people mentally move into a space, to see how to transform a home to make it their own.” 

In her first year as a licensed realtor, Fralic quickly rose to the top, winning the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Rookie of the Year Award. Since then she has achieved Medallion Club status annually and took home Keller Williams’ Triple Platinum Award in 2021.

Fralic approaches every listing she works on as “a privilege” and has earned a reputation for her  think-outside-the-box approach to selling and buying, and for being a hands-on and energetic representative for families looking to buy and sell their properties.

“Our work ethic is second to none and we always represent our clients with integrity, professionalism and trust”, says Fralic.

When it comes to marketing, “I like to do things differently,” she says and that comes from her experience marketing and promoting Vancouver’s two major dailies for so many years. “My first-ever direct mail piece included a 20 per cent off voucher for a local Benjamin Moore paint shop because I figured that most of these get tossed in the trash, so best include something of value for the end-user.”

Regarding today’s market and how disheartening it can be for the buyer? Fralic says this, “your condo or house is out there. We will find it. We are realistic about finding options, solutions, and keeping an open mind. In contrast, it is equally important to educate sellers about what it means to sell in a shifting market. We are headed for some interesting months ahead, pricing strategy will be key and there will be opportunities.”

“Simply put, I love real estate. I love working with people. I love the business of promoting and marketing and buying and selling and renovating and styling homes, from For Sale to Sold.”

Lori Fralic is featured in the 2022 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine