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Here’s how learning something new together can help singles enjoy a thriving social life

We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to give Vancouver singles some ideas for interesting and engaging online classes and workshops to try out as they learn and connect with other singles.
Man learning how to cook online at home. Photo credit: Getty Images

One effective way to keep your dating game fresh and exciting is by learning something new in your free time. Whenever you venture outside of your comfort zone to take up a new skill or gain some new knowledge, you’re not only adding to your personal pursuits, but also to your social life.

As singles focus on dating online this summer, this is a great opportunity to take part in virtual learning activities while meeting other clever, adventurous, and like-minded singles along the way. You’ll already have a common interest to instantly connect over, allowing the conversation to flow naturally. The shared experience can strengthen connections in group date settings and set a solid foundation for relationships to build upon.

We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to bring singles some ideas for interesting and engaging online workshops and courses to try with other singles — from getting crafty to brushing up your flirting skills.


Our travel plans may be on hold for now, but you can still have multicultural experiences by bringing international tastes into your kitchen. Sign up for an online cooking class to learn new recipes to improve your meal prep options or to impress a date with a home-cooked dinner. Events & Adventures hosts international cooking sessions for their members online, allowing singles to tour the globe at home by making Pad Thai or baking a French soufflé together. And as they say, food is the way to the heart!


Another way to travel without travelling is through learning a foreign language. Language apps are handy for getting to know the basics, but the fastest (and most enjoyable) way to immerse yourself with a new language is through person-to-person instruction. Through virtual language lessons, you can pick up the nuances that can only be seen and heard face-to-face. As well, when you join a language group with other singles, you can find a study buddy from the online classroom to practice your conversational skills with. Perhaps the language of love can be found in taking language lessons!

Woman learning how to knit online at home. Photo credit: Getty Images


All of this time spent at home has sparked the creative bug in many people, inspiring them to find interesting arts and crafts projects to engage in their artistic side. From knitting to woodworking, now is your chance to do all the things you’ve always wanted to try! Taking DIY tutorials online is a great way to make your art project more social with other singles, as you can bond over your green thumbs or your shared passion for jewelry making. Then next time, when you want some company while crafting at home, you’ll know who to video call up!


You can spice up your happy hours at home by learning how to mix your own cocktails and highballs from your kitchen bar. Events & Adventures runs regular cocktail hours and mixology mixers in which they invite singles to discover the fine art of drink-making from a professional bartender, or to show off the drinks that they’re currently enjoying. You’re sure to find a new favourite cocktail and have a lot of fun and laughs with other singles.

Woman doing an online workout at home. Photo credit: Getty Images


At this point, you’ve probably tried a number of workout videos to get your sweat on at home. Why not try out a guided online fitness class with a group of other singles working towards the same fitness goals? From Tai Chi to HIIT bootcamps, it’s a great way to sample new types of workouts while sharing the experience with others. As science has proven, when you exercise and when you have social interactions, your body releases endorphins, which can greatly improve your mood and your overall well-being. Yes, yoga can boost your health AND your dating life!


Oftentimes, we approach our relationships under the guise of learning as we go, but it's helpful to be open to listening to an outside source. With all of the changes to the way we date this year, singles could benefit from taking a class with relationship experts to gain a new perspective or a new approach to dating. Exclusive only to their members, Events & Adventures hosts a monthly online series on relationship advice and tips with experts to help singles get comfortable and gain confidence with navigating this new world of dating. It breaks the ice to know other singles are in the same boat as you, and with everything you gain, you can practice (and flirt) together.

When you’re just starting new relationships, growing together is the way to grow your connection!

Even from the comfort of home, you can still continue to enjoy a thriving dating life! As the experts in bringing singles together, Events & Adventures was inspired to keep hosting their online events and activities every month so that their single members can connect with each other through virtual video chats. This has been a great addition for Vancouver members who want to continue to meet other singles in a safe yet interactive way.

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