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Here are 5 tips for how singles can make the most out of online social events

We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to give the best advice for dating through online socials and group activities.
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With our current stay-at-home orders during COVID-19, modern dating is reliant on meeting new people online. However, online dating as you may know it, is not your only option.

No matter your experience level with virtual dating, there are a few best practices to know on how to present your best self on screen. We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to bring you some helpful tips on getting the most out of online social events.


Even from behind the screen, you should still make an effort to look good. After wearing casual wear from working at home all week, consider the virtual event as a special night in.

As you get yourself ready, imagine you are going out to a singles mixer and dress to impress. Wear something that makes you feel confident and shows off your personality, like your favourite red dress or shirt and tie.

Also, make sure that when you’re online, your webcam is facing a clean and presentable area of your home. You want to show people all of the best sides of you and your corner of the world!

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We’re used to going out and meeting people on weeknights and weekends. Now with a more flexible schedule at home, we can try out new avenues and activities for virtual meetups.

In addition to evening events, Events & Adventures hosts Wake & Bake, a morning baking class, along with afternoon yoga and fitness classes, to best accommodate all of their members’ differing schedules, as well as interests.

When it comes to dating, a change in routine and mindset can be just the kickstart that’s needed.


It’s a challenge to get a sense of what people are like without the social cues we can only get from meeting in-person. In the case of online social events, the best way to make a good first impression is by being fully present.

Participants in your group can only get to know you if you participate in the activity. So be engaged, focused, and active. Events & Adventures hosts creative and interactive activities like Scavenger Hunts (around the house) and musical bingo. Bring your A game to the virtual game and you will win over some new partners.

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While event hosts will do a good job of guiding the group conversation through icebreakers, coming in with an idea of some topics to talk about will help you feel both ready and excited.

Steer away from too much discussion about the pandemic and try to keep the convo light and positive. You already have something in common with everyone by being at the event, so you can start with discussing your shared interests.

After the ice has been broken, be curious and ask people what you are interested in discovering about them, from their favourite vacation memories to the sports teams that they root for. Showing a genuine interest in their lives will lead to a likelier chance of connecting beyond the event.


Did you meet someone fascinating at a virtual happy hour? Hit it off with a potential new duet partner at Events & Adventures online Lip Sync Battle?

This is your chance to make a move and connect with them outside of the group! Arrange a one-on-one video call to get to know each other on a deeper, more personal level.

Who knows, if things continue to go well, you may soon be surprising your new special someone with a meal delivered to their home for a virtual dinner date.


As you get involved with online socials and hanging out with new connections online, keep the end goal of meeting up in person in mind.

Start thinking about what you can look forward to doing once we are able to have events and dates in person again.  Events & Adventures is already opening up small-group outdoor events like hiking or kayaking. There will be no shortage of fun things to do with other singles since they schedule over 30 events per month. It’s time to start lining up your summer dating plans now. 

To learn more about meeting singles in your area, visit

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