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These brand new cranes at one of the Port of Vancouver’s main container terminals mark an important milestone for Canadian trade

The arrival of new rail-mounted gantry cranes at the Centerm container terminal is an important achievement in the ongoing expansion project.
Centerm Terminal

Have you noticed some new additions to the skyline at Vancouver’s Inner Harbour recently?

The end of last month ushered in the arrival and installation of five rail-mounted gantry cranes at the Port of Vancouver at Centerm Terminal, as part of the Centerm Expansion Project and South Shore Access Project

DP World Vancouver delivered the new cranes to the container terminal in the evening of June 28.

Built in Shanghai using the latest innovations in crane construction and smart technology, the rail-mounted gantry cranes are fully electric, which will not only improve the container handling process onto rail cars, but will reduce air emissions.

The arrival of these rail-mounted gantry cranes marks an important milestone for the Centerm Expansion Project, as this equipment is critical to increasing terminal capacity in order to meet Canada’s anticipated trade growth and the increased demand for goods shipped in containers through the Port of Vancouver.

Photo provided by Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

In partnership with terminal operator DP World, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is leading the Centerm Expansion Project to help meet anticipated near-term demand for containers shipped through the port. 

Containers arriving at the Port of Vancouver include goods that B.C. residents rely on, such as pharmaceuticals, food products, and household items, as well as fitness equipment like home gyms and bicycles.

Exports of containers moving through the port support local and Canadian businesses shipping goods to and from global markets, helping to ensure that we can keep Canada open for trade around the world well into the future.

Through this expansion project, by using the existing space more efficiently and increasing the terminal footprint by only 15%, the terminal will be able to handle 60% more containers, filled with the goods we all need and use.

Additionally, the Centerm Expansion Project will effectively reduce port-related traffic on local, city roads in the Downtown Eastside and East Vancouver and reduce GHG emissions by eliminating wait times for vehicles at train crossings, thereby improving local communities and reducing environmental impact, while enabling Canada’s high-standing in the national and global trade markets.

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