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Take a self care break with an at-home spa experience curated by Whistler’s most rejuvenating wellness destination

Focus on your personal wellness and practice self care wherever you are with one of Scandinave Spa Whistler’s Spa at Home essentials packages.
Spa at Home.

All this time to ourselves at home has allowed us to reevaluate what’s truly “essential” in our lives. For one, personal wellness has become a valued and necessary practice to help us take care of our holistic selves.

You can still get away even when you have to stay at home.

The Scandinavian tradition of self-care to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit is honoured by Scandinave Spa Whistler, which offers a unique hydrotherapy spa experience through Scandinavian Baths and massage services.

Here, people can truly unplug from reality in complete silence and immerse their full senses within the natural surroundings of Whistler’s forests and mountains.

And now, you can indulge in this peaceful and relaxing Scandinavian spa experience from the comforts of home. 

Photo: Scandinave Spa Whistler.

Scandinave Spa Whistler’s Spa at Home packages will deliver the benefits of the spa experience right to your door! 

These thoughtfully curated self care kits include signature Scandinave items, including a eucalyptus-scented candle, a fluffy hooded bathrobe, a pair of cozy sandals (made in partnership with Native Shoes), and a tote bag.

Here’s how you can replicate the Scandinavian tradition of hydrotherapy at home:


Draw a hot bath with your favourite essential oils, bath salts, or bath bombs. Or, have a steam bath experience in your shower with essential oil drops. Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths for 10-15 minutes  as your body temperature increases.


Switch to a cold water shower for 10-15 seconds for a cool rinse off. This process flushes toxins, releases endorphins, and increases your heart rate.


Put on your Scandinave bathrobe, light your eucalyptus candle, and sink into wherever you feel most comfortable and cozy at home. For 5-10 minutes (or even longer), try a mindful meditation exercise to focus on your breathing and allow your mind, body, and spirit to rest and relax.

Give the gift of relaxation to yourself (or to someone you care about) through Scandinave’s Spa at Home package. 

Reservations for baths and massages are also available for future visits to Scandinave Spa Whistler, or you can buy a gift certificate so you have a spa getaway to look forward to. 

Dreaming of a Whistler escape? Enter the Whistler Dreaming Future Getaway Contest today for a chance to win prizes from Scandinave Spa Whistler, The Adventure Group Whistler, and Fairmont Chateau Whistler!

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