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Here’s how social distancing will rejuvenate and improve your social life

We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to bring you some insight into how this time in quarantine will actually re-energize and improve your approach to socializing and dating. In fact, social distancing may actually be the best thing to happen to your social life!
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When Dr. Bonnie Henry addressed the topic of dating during the COVID-19 pandemic at a recent press conference, many singles across the province were curious to hear what B.C.’s Chief Health Officer had to say. For those wondering how to proceed with their dating lives as things return to normal, she advised caution, thoughtfulness, and responsibility by keeping a slow pace with those interactions.

With physical distancing guidelines in place, singles have turned to socializing at home through online events to meet others, developing great new connections that way. It’s an excellent way to build relationships based on compatibility without the pressures of meeting in person right away. Events & Adventures is a social club for singles that offers the best of both worlds--allowing you to take your relationship from online to in-person through incredible group activities.

Now that B.C. has started to slowly ease restrictions, people can start to think about and prepare for a return to dating. While it’s completely normal and expected to feel nervous about the prospect of going out on dates, looking forward with a positive perspective can help to improve your attitude and mood towards dating in a post-pandemic world. 

We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to bring you some insight into how this time in quarantine will actually re-energize and improve your approach to dating. In fact, social distancing may actually be the best thing to happen to your social life!


During self-isolation, we’ve had a lot of time to spend with and on ourselves. We may never again have this much space to focus on self-exploration. Through social distancing, we have a chance to reset our personal lives, which impacts aspects such as inner confidence and yes, even dating.

By focusing on your relationship with yourself, you will draw and attract others. With this newfound sense of self and awareness of what you are looking for when making social connections, you can be more intentional when meeting new people. So when you are ready to go out and date again, you’ll be open to so many new possibilities. 

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In addition to self-improvement, quarantine has given us more time to pursue our interests. With all this spare time to kill at home, we’re picking up new hobbies, rediscovering old pastimes, and finding many opportunities to do the things we’ve put off or abandoned due to our busy schedules. 

In this sense, you will have so much more to talk about and share with new people. From trading banana bread recipes to exploring new bike routes, your social life will have a flourishing foundation to form bonds upon. 

You can try this with Events & Adventures. E&A has over 30 singles activities per month so you can join your favorites or try something new. The best part? Everyone with you is single and shares a love for the same activity, so there’s always something to share. There are even more online events for you to try if you’re not ready to venture outside just yet.


Now that we’re in the next phase of B.C.’s reopening plan, we can begin to gradually open up our social circles and have small, distanced gatherings in big outdoor spaces.  

With summer approaching, it’s time to take advantage of our public parks, beaches, and trails, which allows space for socializing while maintaining safe social distancing. Though we have to continue to be mindful of not getting in close proximity to others, we can still form relationships. Events & Adventures is helping singles engage in healthy fun by taking activities outside and keeping groups small. This means that you have a unique opportunity to form more intimate connections and really get to know the other singles. 

Events & Adventures is looking forward to hosting their entire collection of events as usual when the time comes. In the meantime, you can take advantage of these more intimate settings and exciting outdoor events to spark future summertime romance.

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With thanks to technology, we can still stay in touch with our friends through social media. We have a newfound appreciation for maintaining and developing our personal relationships, as these connections are key to helping us stay connected during this unprecedented time in our lives. 

Once more restrictions are lifted, you can look forward to seeing your friends, as well as new connections you’ve made during quarantine, in person at an outdoor setting (at a safe social distance, of course). Maybe you and that special someone you met at an Events & Adventures virtual happy hour can have a real happy hour on the patio of your favourite restaurant!

Throughout this pandemic, we have gained a new understanding and value of what truly matters -- how we spend our time with others. After all we have survived, we should take this experience as a reminder to not take opportunities for granted, such as the opportunity to meet new people. You can anticipate making some great connections when you’re ready to give dating a chance!

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