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This realtor is enabling clients to achieve real estate success across Greater Vancouver

Steven Oei is featured in the 2022 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine
Steven Oei

Steven Oei, a professional Realtor with Re/Max Select Property, aims to achieve all of this, and more, with each of his clients. Whatever the circumstances, Oei is there to meet his client’s needs.

From first-time homebuyers entering the market, to growing families, to seniors looking to downsize, Steven Oei understands that people’s real estate needs change over time. With over twenty-seven years of award-winning experience, he helps his clients move forward with their goals, and ultimately achieve their own real estate happiness, no matter what life throws at them.

Ever since he was a teenager, Oei has had a passion for real-estate. “I used to borrow my mom's car to visit open houses and talk to realtors,” he says, adding when he was younger, his interest was sparked by the positive experience his family had with their family's Realtor.

“At the time, our Realtor advised and guided our family in making the right decisions about our property, and it turned out to be really good advice,” says Oei. Since then, he earned a BBA from Simon Fraser University, completed training in marketing, marketing luxury properties, real estate appraisal, and has garnered almost three decades of award-winning service to clients all over the Lower Mainland. He strives to constantly expand his skill set, seeking out industry seminars, training, and discussions so that he may further help his clients find the perfect home.

“Favorable results require effort and dedication”, says Oei, who prioritizes each client’s unique situation. “It's my job to fully understand both my client’s needs, a property's potential value, neighborhood amenities, market conditions, and the target market”, he explains. “This requires focused time for us to explore how to make the real estate journey efficient and enjoyable.”

Time and effort is exactly what Oei dedicates to each and every one of his clients. “Explaining the steps in advance can make the process less stressful and more meaningful,” he says. “The quality of a relationship depends on the quality of communication.” Such wisdom, garnered over his long and fruitful career, have left Oei meticulously clear with his words and actions. He leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping his clients achieve success.

“Building a timeline and marketing plan with a client is a lot more personal and involved than putting up a sign and waiting to see what happens,” he says. Oei believes that real estate analytics, such as market and pricing trends, are valuable tools, but they need to be applied with a human touch.

Not only is Oei charismatic and approachable with his clients, but his expertise and years of service provide him with a bounty of market knowledge. This leaves him in a unique and advantageous position in the industry. In his words, he can “highlight a property’s salient features, develop effective marketing strategies, and care for his clients in the best way possible.”

Oei has formed long-term relationships with many clients and enjoys serving them whenever their housing needs have evolved.

“Last year, I sold the home of a couple whom I had helped with their property over twenty years ago. Nowadays, I am also work with some of my clients’ children, which is kind of neat,” he says, adding that he earns his clients’ long-term repeat business and referrals through hard work, up-to-date industry skills, and customer care.

Oei also likes to encourage clients to include their children in the real estate journey. “Younger people often don’t understand the challenges their parents face when they buy or sell a home,” he says. “When kids have the chance to get to know the process, this can make them more real-estate savvy and enhance their financial literacy.”

While Oei has sold many magazine worthy homes, he is dedicated to helping all his clients achieve maximum success with their listings. “Right now, I’m helping some seniors who are downsizing,” he says. “I've arranged for landscaping, for power-washing, painting and changing light fixtures. I’m also helping with the staging of the home.” As always, Oei has a passion towards his clients that always exceeds expectations.

With this level of service—and consistently amazing results—it’s no wonder Steven Oei’s clients always come back for more.

Steven Oei is featured in the 2022 Excellence in Real Estate Magazine. Follow Steven on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.