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This brand new Yaletown fitness studio offers fantastic full-body workouts

The Bar Method raises the barre for total body fitness in Vancouver with its original one-hour barre workout.
Bar Method @leahvphoto
The Bar Method

Are you in search of a fitness program that allows you to sculpt, tone and get your body moving, all while having fun at the same time? No! It’s not a distant pipedream. With The Bar Method, you can experience all this and more! 

For the past 20 years, The Bar Method has been raising the barre and bridging the gap between fitness and fun,  offering full-body workouts for all experience levels to have you feeling fantastic from the inside out. 

Located at 111 Smithe Street in their beautiful, new Yaletown studio, The Bar Method offers barre classes curated with signature techniques to utilize individuals’ own body weight and a few props to create a transformative workout, resulting in long, lean, sculpted muscles. 

If you’re feeling intimidated at this point, don’t worry! The beauty of The Bar Method is that it can be adjusted to fit students of all fitness and skill levels. Highly-trained instructors customize the exercises to ensure they are safe and effective for any age and body type. So, whether you’re a fierce fitness warrior or just starting out, this is guaranteed to be the class for you. 

Still, for those looking for even more inspiration to switch up their workout routine, you’re in luck! 

The Bar Method is currently offering first-time clients an exclusive limited-time offer of two weeks of unlimited classes for only $39! You can conveniently sign up for this unique opportunity directly through The Bar Method website. Passes activate at the time of the first class. 

Photo: The Bar Method

For over two decades, The Bar Method has been helping clients unleash their power and unlock their greatest potential through challenging yet enjoyable workouts that infuse strength into every movement. Each exercise is diligently designed to transform your body through low-impact, high-repetition strength training. 

The full-body workouts contain exercises proven to effectively and efficiently reshape your body by featuring isometric exercise. Isometric exercises challenge your muscles by executing holds you may not be used to, providing powerful effects to help build strength and endurance. The theory behind these workouts is that they don’t require a wide range of motion. Instead, they rely on control rather than momentum. In this way, since the movements are controlled and low impact, they can challenge your muscles while still protecting your joints.   

Ideal for those looking to try something new, The Bar Method draws inspiration from several fitness fields, including pilates, yoga, and other strength training techniques, to create a comprehensive workout that serves several benefits.  In fact, it isn't out of the ordinary for students to see noticeable results within just a few weeks of taking consistent classes! 

While physical results are a primary objective, The Bar Method also helps students realize their inner strength. Acknowledging this inner power can do wonders to shift mindsets and foster self-confidence in a profound and lasting way. 

There are no limitations that bar the potentials of The Bar Method. Sign up now and hop to the barre workout today!