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The complexities of adult ADHD and how this Vancouver private practice can help

Clear Counselling provides assessments and effective treatment with supportive counselling services to help manage this brain-based biological disorder
Clear Counselling offers evidence-based ADHD treatment options tailored to each patient’s psychiatric history and symptoms. Photo via: iStock

Traditionally considered a childhood condition, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a neurodevelopmental disorder often characterized by inattention, disorganization, hyperactivity and impulsivity symptoms, which impair a person's functioning. It's now recognized as a lifelong condition that persists well into adulthood.

If you think you're struggling with adult ADHD, Clear Counselling wants you to know you're not alone and is available to provide an assessment for adults from a registered psychologist, skills to help manage symptoms and support to address any negative impacts on one's self and/or relationship.

With professional expertise in psychology and psychotherapy, Clear Counselling's quality team of practitioners have significant life and counselling knowledge (most members have 20-plus years' experience) and help their clients remove barriers in work, family, friendships, relationships and self-identity to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

ADHD assessment, treatment

It's essential to get an assessment from a clinician specializing in ADHD because of its complex diagnosis; there is no one comprehensive examination, but rather a combination of information, evaluations and tests. Your Clear Counselling practitioner will provide evidence-based treatment options based on your psychiatric medical history, symptoms and your individual needs.

With the appropriate treatment tailored to you, they can bring into focus how ADHD has contributed to your life, and provide you with behavioural therapy and coping strategies, along with recommendations on how to move forward. The assessment can be given to your general physician as support in considering whether medication would be helpful.

Clear Counselling suggests it's not unlikely to question whether you have adult ADHD, especially if you've experienced a stream of work stress issues, relationship problems, hurt feelings, and frustrations, with a trail of unfinished business, projects and personal goals.

Diagnosing adult ADHD

A common concern surrounding adult ADHD diagnosis is that many healthcare providers have an imbalance of training on how to evaluate it, and people with ADHD have had to argue against doctors, teachers and politicians, who don't even believe that ADHD is a valid issue (similar to depression).

According to the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA), the specific cause of ADHD is not known and it may differ for different people; it is likely that multiple possible causes or contributing factors exist.

Often, people have already been diagnosed or have dealt with other similar mental illnesses, such as: chronic stress, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety and burnout, to name a few, but become confused with these being the cause of ADHD or the result of ADHD.

For example, some mood disorders can cause problems with concentration, some anxiety disorders can cause problems with restlessness, and some personality disorders can cause problems with impulsivity.

CPA recognizes symptoms of ADHD that surround inattention and can include difficulty following instructions, keeping things organized and following through on tasks. Additionally, people with impulsivity problems may tend to act without thinking, interrupt others, talk excessively or feel fidgety or restless.

However, it's a common misconception that only negative aspects of ADHD prevail, while there are positive benefits, too.

While symptoms increase in situations that impede an intelligent person with ADHD from actively working, such as sitting still in class, being a doctor in the emergency room, on the other hand, is a perfect scenario where someone with ADHD thrives.

People with ADHD can be high-functioning adults and often excel in professions that align well with the disorder, such as an artist, firefighter, entrepreneur and computer programmer, among others. In fact, some of the world's most successful people have ADHD, including Michael Phelps, Richard Branson, Justin Timberlake and Bill Gates, just to name a few.

To learn how to lean into your strengths while controlling ADHD symptoms, contact Clear Counselling to help you reach your full potential.

For more information, and to book your ADHD assessment and other related counselling supports, visit