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These unique social activities for singles will keep your dating experiences fresh and exciting

We’ve partnered with Events & Adventures to give Vancouver singles a mix of ideas for outdoor and indoor activities to engage in with other singles.
Couple paddleboarding on the lake. Photo: Getty Images.

Doing something out of the ordinary is a surefire way to spice up your dating life. 

One of the exciting things about new relationships is finding people — and that special someone — to share new adventures with. Social activities that push your limits by getting you to do something daring and different will lead to unforgettable experiences with new connections. 

Together with Events & Adventures, we’re giving singles a mix of unique ideas for social distancing-friendly outdoor dates and virtual meetups to engage in with other unique singles in Vancouver.


Some things are worth waking up at the crack of dawn for — like catching the sunrise. 

Events & Adventures has partnered with Vancouver Water Adventures on Granville Island to offer singles an end-of-summer experience they’re sure to love — paddleboarding and kayaking in the early hours of the morning.

You and your group will get to share the open and calm waters all to yourselves as you paddle along and admire the sun rising on the horizon. It doesn’t get any more romantic than that! 

View of Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack, B.C. Photo: Getty Images. 


Popular hiking areas such as Garibaldi and Cultus Lake have been overrun by locals this summer. 

For a group hike experience that is spacious enough to distance and allows for you to connect one-on-one with other singles, try some less frequented hiking areas, such as Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park.

One of the main trails takes you to the peaceful Lindeman Lake and Greendrop Lake, surrounded by mountain peaks and forests. During this approximately 10 km route, you will spend lots of quality time with hike-minded singles.  


Is there any outdoor excursion that illustrates timeless romance more than a horseback ride?

Less than an hour away from Vancouver in South Langley is Campbell Valley, a equestrian-friendly park where riders can saddle up on their horses and gallup through the wide open spaces and fresh country air. 

There are a number of stables in operation offering guided rides along the trails, making this the perfect outing for small group dates and couples.


You never would have figured, but throwing axes and shooting arrows makes for a great first group date! 

Heading out on the target range or course to embark on target activities like axe-throwing, archery, disc golf, and bocce provide both a challenging physical activity as well as a fun and memorable experience for singles to try out together. And like Cupid’s arrows, sparks are sure to fly!

Events & Adventures offers these activities and more for their singles members.

Archery on the target range: Photo: Getty Images.


Even from behind a screen, online socials and happy hours can give singles a chance to really get to know and connect deeply with other singles.

One way to help break the ice between strangers is by playing virtual games that allow for all willing participants to be open and vulnerable with one another. 

With games like Truth or Drink (which is just how the game sounds) and Come Closer (a card game that elicits deep and personal Q&As), singles will get very acquainted with each other in a matter of an honest hour, turning strangers into friends, or maybe even something more...


This month, Events & Adventures is inviting their members to partake in a new virtual murder mystery game to stimulate their minds and inspire conversations between other singles on the case.  

The scene for this mystery is set in 1985 and involves the CEO of Koko-Cola, Martin McFly, one of the most despised men in the world, who has thrown a party with several ‘80s icons in attendance. This is where the story begins and you must solve the case before it’s too late!

Unique and adventurous Vancouver singles can join in on all of these offline and online events and more as members of the city’s Events & Adventures chapter!

To find out more about meeting singles in your area, visit

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